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We are currently accepting Advertisement at PAN India except for the States Of Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and the Union Territories of Ladakh, Andaman & Nicobar Island and Puducherry.

Rates for the Advertisement varies on their size and page appearance. Every Ad is displayed for 24 hours Starting at 00:00 am till 23:59 pm. 

Rates for Ads may vary on Festive seasons and public holidays. 

Type of Ads and their Rates (All rates are in INR)

This is a Square Ad


Desktop  350 x 350 px approximately

Mobile 275 x 275 px

This Square is 350 x 350 px

Charges mentioned here are per day

Square Ads

Page Name             Actual         After Discount

Home                        1600             750

City News                  1100             500

Business                    1100             500      

Trending                    1250            600

Politics                       1000            450 

Sports                        1000            450

Health                       900              400

Charges mentioned here are per day

Vertical Ads Only Desktop not for mobile

Page Name             Actual         After Discount

Home                        1400             600

City News                  1000            450

Business                    1000            450

Trending                    1100             500

Politics                        800             400 

Sports                         800             400 

Health                         800             400

Please note the below

1. This is the charge only for displaying the Advertisement as received from the individual or the company interested in doing so. We do not create the Advertisement. That need to be submitted by the said individual or the company.

2. Size of the Ad may vary a bit depending on the content submitted. We would therefore request you to submit the Ad in the specifications mentioned above.

3. Vertical Ads are available only on Desktop site and not on the mobile site.

4. Ad content considered as harmful, violent, against religion, against sentiments, prohibited by the law or anything restricted should not be submitted. 

This is a Vertical Ad

Size 150 x 564 px

For Details Call our Editor-in-communication on +91 98677 62395 or mail us on

Alternatively you may submit your request and we will get in touch with you.

Your content has been submitted

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