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4 Simple Steps to Understand How Thoughts and Subconscious Mind Work

“What you think, may not happen with you; but what is happening with you, is definitely what you have thought”

Thoughts have a frequency in which it travels inside our mind. These thoughts are either positive or negative. How we think and what we think decides the kind of energy that is generated and stored in our subconscious mind and energy field

The day we are happy or are doing things we are passionate about, we can stretch ourselves beyond our normal capacity without getting tired, have you ever wondered why……….. ??? 

It’s because we are continuously getting charged with the positive energy that is getting generated and influencing our subconscious mind.

Similarly the day we are worried  or anxious, even when the smallest of things go wrong, we are unable to handle the situation. Reason being the same, the negative emotions and thoughts generate negative energy which blocks our mind and drains our body leaving us fatigued or lethargic.

This energy field around us has the power to attract the similar energy from the universe where it is available in abundance and hence based on the type of our thoughts we attract the people we meet and situations we go through. 

Steps to understand how thoughts bring experience:

1. With every thought electromagnetic ions are radiated in the universe

2. They are either charged positive or negative sending us similar signals to subconscious mind

3. As it is said like attracts like. These electromagnetic ions attract similar ions radiating from a person or a situation.

4. In reality, this then transforms into an experience.

Mirage to Oasis helps you rewrite your own destiny through the power of your thoughts. It empowers you to take responsibility of your situations by making you aware of your thoughts.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Manisha Shah. We thank Manishaben for her research and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to a larger mass of our citizens.

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