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5 Simple Steps to become Mindful

Mindfulness means living life with complete awareness simply accepting the present “AS IT IS” without thinking about the past or going into the future.

How to become Mindful?

When we become aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions in a particular situation, the wholeness of that experience is understood and a deep feeling of fulfilment is felt. Meditation helps in influencing the subconscious mind and strengthening mindfulness.

In daily life being mindful is important at physical and emotional level.

Physical Mindfulness is about the awareness of the actions of your physical body. For eg. –  “Why it is said that one should not talk while eating?” So that the complete focus is on what and how much you are eating and you can experience the taste of food.

Emotional Mindfulness is related to your mind. How do you respond to a particular situation i.e. in a particular situation what thoughts and emotions are generated. By being mindful you will be able to observe it and shift it from negative to positive. This will help stop judging the incidences, irrespective of good or bad.

Hence mindfulness is the first step to get in-charge of your life and to feel empowered. 

Simple Steps for practicing Mindfulness –

1. Easiest way is to start with physical mindfulness. While eating your food take deep breaths before you start. Breathing helps in gathering the thoughts and focusing at one place. You will realize the difference.

2. When you are anxious or hyper or worried, sit in silence and take few deep breaths.

3. Create awareness about the current situation and shift your focus to the positive outcome of that situation without considering them to be good or bad.

4. You will realize your breath has now become subtle and the intensity of your emotion has reduced. Now you are in a better position to respond to the situaton. 

5. You can continue repeating this exercise.

Mirage2Oasis introduces you to this inner strength of mindfulness which will help you begin looking at things at par, as they are. It tremendously helps one to become non-judgmental and stop the blame game.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Manisha Shah. We thank Manishaben for her research and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to a larger mass of our citizens.

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