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Actor Lakkshey Dedha discovered spirituality while shooting for his movie Hindutva

May 28, 2022 08:00 am

Actor Lakkshey Dedha reveals about experiencing a spiritual change and exploring positive energies in life when he visited Rishikesh and Haridwar during the shooting of his film ‘Hindutva’.

Lakkshey Dedha said, "Hindutva was shot across Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Dehradun. Which are all holy and spiritual lands. So of course I got lots of opportunities to experience things like Ganga Aarti. I got a chance to have a word with the head of the Gurukul and got to know about their lifestyle and He gave us guidance on spirituality, meditation and how to connect with God. He also unfolded the reason behind waking up early at 3 AM and why he only consumes Sattvik Food.

He further adds, "I also got the chance to explore Holy Temples and Famous Dargahs for my upcoming movie's song. People from different Islamic countries visit to encounter paranormal activities and fortunately I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to visit this place. Spiritually speaking, I will say that Yoga is not only prominent in India but across the World. People from across the world visit this place to attain peace of mind. Senior citizens come from all parts of the world to listen to Guruji's lectures and I don't think there are any questions which these gurus don't have the answers to. I learnt a lot of things like how to connect with God , if everything is messed up leave it to God , if it feels like we've lost everything leave it to God. There is a reason why things happen, but we realise it in the later period of time.

He says, "Pandit and Gurus used to teach us lessons in the story form so I got very interested and inspired by this. I asked them if they would recommend some which I could read. By reading these books I get answers to every question. These books are not only for spirituality but if one applies it in their lifestyles they can achieve great things. Also the place is full of positivity. Every day it was a new positive day. Covid had just started and there was a crew of 200 people and none of them were affected by it during the shoot time and I feel it is the blessing of God which was on us. I got a lot of things to learn on the sets of Hindutva regarding spirituality."

The film Hindutva stars Ashish Sharma and Sonarika Bhadoria as leads. Apart from them Ankit Raj, Dipika Chikhlia and Anup Jalota are also part of the film. A major portion of Hindutva was shot in Uttarakhand. The makers of the film are eyeing a release date in 2022.

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