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Anastasia Lenna, Former Miss Grand Ukraine pictured holding gun as she joins army to fight Russians

Mar 01, 2022 12:30 pm

With the world is still trying to find a ceasefire in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the people of Ukraine are executing their patriotism. They have taken up arms to defend their land. Several images of citizens joining the war have gone viral in the past week, and now an image of beauty queen and former Miss Grand Ukraine holding up a rifle has gone viral. Initially, it was reported that Anastasiia Lenna has joined the military to fight against the Russian invasion, however, from the images that she shared, it seems that she is holding an airsoft gun.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Anastasia, who represented Ukraine in the 2015 Miss Grand International beauty contest, uploaded a couple of photos where she can be seen carrying arms.

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