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Being Vegan : Unfolding the myth

Vegan is the new classification in the world of food after Non- Vegetarian, Eggetarian, Vegetarian and now Being vegan. Veganism is simply a person who does not eat our use any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese or even leather.

It is similar to being vegetarian but there is a difference here. Here the people who are vegan don't eat any animal products which include milk, products made out of milk and even do not wear anything made out of its skin, bones etc be it any piece of clothing, accessories, purses etc. People become vegan due to many reasons, the top one being their love for animals, for their health, for the environment and many more.

Due to this new veganism there are new cafes, restaurants, grocery stores being opened which are vegan friendly. As there are not many options out there for vegan people. Becoming vegan narrows down the option for food to a really precise and unique list of food. And it also becomes essential to get a proper diet so that people can get their vitamins, minerals, proteins mainly right.

There are many health benefits of turning into vegan;

It reduces the cholesterol levels, one of the biggest health benefits that a vegan diet has to offer is that diet is heart-friendly too, as your heart health is one of the most essential aspects of one’s health, and since a vegan diet is low in saturated fats and bad fats that lead to the blockage of arteries in ones body and which might lead to poor heart health in future, also vegan diet is something that has adequate amount fiber that allows the body to maintain a healthy balance of bad cholesterol and good cholesterol, that ensures the healthy functioning heart.

Also, a vegan diet is rich in many micronutrients which are shown to improve the blood flow in your body, which further improves heart health. Since your heart health depends upon factors like the balance of cholesterol levels, the number of triglycerides, and previous parental history and adding plant-based foods or following a vegan diet has shown tremendous effects on one’s heart health.

Digestion is one factor that is one of the most important elements for good health, if your digestion is messed up there wouldn’t be any point in eating good quality food, now since the foods that one eat in a vegan lifestyle (healthy one’s) are rich in fiber, which improves the body’s ability to process digestion better and give you a healthy stool. As it tends to focus more on veggies, fruits, nuts, and plant-based milk, it creates an optimal environment in your body that helps to reduce the number of androgens in your body, giving you that glowing and ageless skin.

It also aids to the favorite benefit of all time, weight loss now we are not saying that the moment you switch to a vegan lifestyle you will end up losing tonnes of weight but choosing a vegan lifestyle can surely help you in your weight loss as it serves a variety of foods which are satiating and yet low in calories, for instance, plant-based milk like almond and oats milk is quarter to that of cows milk in terms of calories.

And to achieve active weight loss, one has to create some set of calories deficit in their daily diet, and adding plant-based foods or opting for a vegan lifestyle can definitely help one to achieve so.

There are even many unhealthy vegan food options as well, the key here would be to choose the right foods and add them accordingly.

A lot of people spend a huge amount of money on their skin routing from buying expensive creams to booking the best dermatologist appointment, whereas the matter of fact is that your internal health and diet is the most important thing when it comes to one's skin.

Opting for adding some plant-based foods, plant based protein like fruits, veggies and plant-based milk can help to reduce inflammation in your body and give you good glowing skin.

Opting for food choices depends totally on the individual. But the food product that one is choosing should keep them healthy and going.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Shrushti Mehta.

We thank her for her research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about health and nutrition being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens.

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