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Believing in his guidance: holding his finger.

Jai Adinath Jai Gurudev "Eternal Companion"

Holds a finger. Ever since I saw you, the world has come to an end, you held my finger and showed me the world. There are many vacations in life with that finger.

This finger is so important that in life it is important that life is important. This finger is what gives peace in my life. This finger is the one that is completely with me in times of sorrow in life and makes me feel complete happiness. This finger is the one who accepts me and makes me feel peace and happiness in the hustle and bustle of life. This finger is the one who brings me out of the troubles everywhere in life to a good place where I can be free... This finger is such that no matter how many struggles I face in my life, there is a way out of them by protecting me completely in that struggle. This finger is the one which is supposed to be the heartbeat of one's heart and should be reunited with one's family in life. There will be many finger grabbers but what matters is whose finger you grab...

Somi began to walk holding his finger and became a "sada no sathi" in life by being a companion. Is it wrong to walk in life holding a finger? What is wrong if we walk where the mind is, believing it to be our own? Perhaps the finger you left somewhere may not be with you today, but remember that it is yours in the future. It is important to hold that finger now. But maybe it is not with you then without any regret it is necessary to just wait for the time because many times it is important for us to be on time.

Remember that you are never unfaithful to the finger you are holding, maybe that finger is unfaithful to you, but if you remain faithful to it till the end of your life without going anywhere from your loyalty, then in the history of the future, you will be written in history as the truth.

Never let go of a holding finger A finger that wants to let go of you will hurt you a lot You may be in a bad situation but you don't let go because you are truly loyal.

Where do I doubt your loyalty???

As the wind changes direction, "you" change the definition of loyalty.

But now... the lifeline of the hope of "salvation". The breath of life is truncated... tuntu....

Spoon by spoon...I live by drinking the Ganges water....

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Pujya Gurudev Shree Mokshsundar Saheb. We thank Gurudev for his blessings, research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens. Also, we would like to thank Hiral Shah, the Chief Editor of The E Today for bringing in such wonderful personalities who can guide us on every path of life.

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