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Brinda Miller - Chairperson Kala Ghoda Association

Attracting people to its uniqueness art surfaces the legacy, tradition and culture of a nation onto the international stage. It promotes the national values and creates the much needed awareness for the nation.

For an artist art is an expression of his feelings, emotions and thoughts. The expression of creativity reflects not just the artist but also the mentor and the surrounding involved.

'The Corner of Influence’ today is proud to have Brinda Miller, Hon. Chairperson of Kala Ghoda Association who not only continues to inspire the young artist of today but also plays a vital role in representing our cultural values over the globe.

About Brinda Miller

Brinda Miller studied Textile Design at Sir J.J. School of Art in 1979 with a First Class, standing first in order of merit in Maharashtra. She also studied Drawing and Painting at the Parsons School of Design, New York in 1989. Since 1982, Brinda has showcased her work via 16 solo exhibitions. Brinda has been part of several group shows, and has participated and organized several art workshops in India, as well as internationally.

CHROMAZONE 2008 | Photo Credit Brinda Miller

Brinda has been with the Kala Ghoda Association almost since its inception. Presently she is Hon. Chairperson. She is involved in the beautification and heritage restoration projects in and around this now famous Art District of Mumbai, which hosts the only major multicultural festival in India- The iconic Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.  Brinda has also been Hon. Festival Director of the iconic Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, and has been instrumental in bringing this festival to its present popularity. She is also Art Adviser and Mentor to several NGOs and other not -for- profit Art Organisations. Brinda has also been on several prestigious Art and Design juries. She is also an Education Consultant at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum), Mumbai.

SOLSTICE AND EQUINOX 2005 | Photo Credit : Brinda Miller

Brinda has been responsible for bringing Art in public spaces to Mumbai, and has created murals for the city that she loves.

Unveiling our conversation with Brinda Miller

Q. Of all the awards and accolades that you received for work and commitment in the field of art; which award has brought tears of joy to you and why?

Brinda : I value all the Awards I have received . However, when I passed out of Sir JJ School , I stood First in Maharashtra. Since that was my first achievement , I remember it as one of the the most exciting moments for me.

Q. Being on chair with various reputed art houses and organisations and holding that iconic position, what paradigm shift have you observed for art in India?

Brinda : Over the years, Art has become a career option for many. I remember most of the students in my days were girls who mostly dropped their careers to get married . The few boys that took Art, also took up alternate careers to support themselves.

'However, nowadays it is the other way around'

Q. What is needed to have a balanced demand and supply for art in India?

Brinda : It is a combination of correct positioning of art and giving it a publicity and patronage. Their are few patrons of the Arts. There is so much talent in the country . There is a need for showcasing it . There are few Museums and galleries. Very few Schools and Institutes that teach Art.

Q. Artists in India whether experienced or inexperienced have been finding it bit hard to fetch a recognition for themselves what would be your message or suggestion to them?

Brinda : This has been the case in most of the creative fields for many many years -those in the field of Dance, music, theatre, cinema or even the Culinary Arts have faced this.

There are few who are able to succeed.

Those who do are among the stars.

Artists are blessed that they have a talent to fall back on … art is like meditation.

The Corner of Influence is thankful to Brinda Miller for speaking to us and offering her valuable thoughts. We are also thankful to Mr. Hiral Shah for articulating and drafting his conversation with Brinda Miller.

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