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ChatGPT gets plugin support, allows you to get restaurant suggestions, order groceries and more

Mar 24, 2023, 10:33 am

Elon Musk-backed OpenAI has introduced plugin support for ChatGPT. With this, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot will now be able to access the web, interpret codes and bring you data from custom knowledge bases.

The update was shared by Steve Nouri, a data science leader and AI influencer on his social media profiles.

“Just in: OpenAI introduces plugin support for #ChatGPT. It can now access the web, interpret code, and get data from custom knowledge bases," he writes in a social media post. He says that plugin alpha access is gradually rolling out to end users. The availability will increase over time, he adds.

The initial plugins include a web browser, code interpreter, and open-source retrieval plugin for custom knowledge bases.

In the post, Nouri explains how the plugin support will enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT. He has shared a video in his social media post, explaining how plugins work. For example, if you wish to get restaurant recommendations from ChatGPT or want to order groceries online, you will first need to install the necessary plugin. You can head to the plugin store to do that.

Next, he prompt ChatGPT to give recommendations based on preferences like location and availability, a recipe for sunday, total calorie count and to order the ingredients using online grocery provider- Instacart. The video shows how ChatGPT gives restaurant recommendations using OpenTable. It then suggests a recipe and uses Wolfram Alpha to calculate the calorie count and lets him order ingredients using a simple link.

Recently, a founder and investor's recent tweet has created a buzz where he showcased how using ChatGPT, one can write what SpaceX founder Elon Musk may think. Sam on 21 March opened the ChatGPT and asked the AI to compose a tweet that is statistically more likely to get a like or comment from Elon Musk. In return the reply came as, “Exciting times for space exploration! looking forward to seeing how @SpaceX will continue pushing the boundaries and expanding our knowledge of the universe

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