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DRI intercepts two passengers from Ethiopia carrying cocaine at Mumbai Airport

Dec 03, 2022, 07:00 pm

On the basis of intelligence cultivated by DRI Mumbai two passengers who came from Addis Ababa to Mumbai by Ethopian Airlines flight ET-640 today (03.12.22), were intercepted at the CSMI Airport Mumbai. On Examination of their luggage four empty hand bags were recovered. The hand bags were cut opened and 2 plastic pouches were recovered from each hand bag. A total of 8 plastic pouches containing powdery substance were recovered. The powdery substance was tested with narcotics field testing kit and the same tested positive for “Cocaine” a substance covered under NDPS Act 1985.

Both the passengers are foreign nationals viz one male aged 27 from Kenya and one female aged 30 from Guinea..the male passenger is a clown by profession and the female passenger is engaged in  ladies clothing business.

The weight of the recovered substance purported to be cocaine is 1794 grams valued at approx 18 Crore ₹ in Illicit Market.

The passengers are being interrogated for the intended beneficiary in India.

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