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Embracing Lord Adinath

It's the divine power that enlighten our wisdom at the right moment. At times the path to spirituality makes us hold on to our values in a way that stops us from doing anything unethical. Today Pujya Gurudev Shri Mokshsundar Saheb expresses his gratitude to the Lord Adinath through his beautiful words.

Embracing you, today I am just enjoying the most important moment of my life keeping my head on my shoulders admiring your qualities. In every aspect of my life, I believe; I believe in you not only for today but also for my future and embrace you.

Ever since I met you, I embrace you keeping your name in my heart. Early morning, with the first ray of the sun, I embrace you taking your name. I embrace you remembering you in happiness or sadness, for every moment of my life. Whenever I get lost in my thoughts, I embrace you to come and reshape my thoughts. I embrace you as I want to share a lot of things with you but am not able to.

You are the only happiness, joy and strength; you are everything for me and hence I embrace you. You are the only one whom I consider as mine and as you are mine, I embrace you before sleeping or waking up, laughing or crying or doing anything. I just embrace you. You are the true companion and true friend of my life, hence, I embrace you.


Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Pujya Gurudev Shree Mokshsundar Saheb. We thank Gurudev for his blessings, research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens. Also, we would like to thank Hiral Shah, the Chief Editor of The E Today for bringing in such wonderful personalities who can guide us on every path of life.

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