Ex-Apple employee Dhirendra Prasad stole over Rs 140 crore from company, 20 years jail likely.

Nov 05, 2022, 09:55 am

A former Apple employee of Indian origin has pleaded guilty for defrauding the Cupertino-based company of more than $20 million. Dhirendra Prasad, who was associated with Apple for over 10 years, will likely face 20 years in jail for defrauding his then employer. Prasad resorted to different tricks like taking kickbacks, inflating invoices, stealing parts, and making Apple pay for things it had never received. He apparently was not the only one duping the company. Prasad was accompanied by two co-inspirators, who were hand-in-glove in siphoning off the money from Apple.

In a written plea agreement, 52-year-old Prasad revealed that he worked with Apple from 2008 through 2018 and “acted for most of that time as a buyer in Apple’s Global Service Supply Chain. Prasad’s role involved purchasing parts and services from Apple. He revealed that he started to defraud the company way back in 2011 by taking kickbacks, inflating invoices, stealing parts, and making Apple pay for things it had never received. He further added that he would continue defrauding the company until 2018. In the same year, Apple lost close to 17 million dollars.

Turns out Dhirender was not the only person who was involved in robbing Apple of 17 million dollars. He also had two co-conspirators named Robert Gary Hansen and Don M. Baker. Prasad further revealed that he shipped motherboards from Apple’s inventory to Don M Baker’s company called CTrends. He made Apple pay fake bills. Baker and he later on split the extra money that they generated by providing fake bills.

Not just that, Prasad removed components from Apple packaging, placed them in new boxes and shipped them back to Apple’s warehouse. He also engaged in tax fraud along with his co-conspirator Hensen .“Prasad admitted these schemes continued through 2018 and ultimately resulted in a loss to Apple of more than $17 million,” the prosecutors said in a statement.

The US government has confiscated more than $5 million worth of assets from Prasad. His sentence hearing has been scheduled for March 14. If Prasad is found guilty, if he is found guilty, he will face up to 25 years in prison. If he had not pleaded guilty, he would have faced 70 years in federal prison.