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India urges strong measures from Trudeau government following threats against officials

04 Jul 2023, 08:55 am

India has taken action by serving a demarche on Canada, calling for strong measures to be implemented by the Justin Trudeau government to prevent protests organized by pro-Khalistan terrorist outfits. The demonstrations are set to occur outside the Indian High Commission in Ottawa, as well as two consulates in Toronto and Vancouver on July 8. The primary concern is to avoid incidents such as desecration of the Indian flag, affixing pamphlets or items to the boundary fence, and throwing projectiles into Indian diplomatic premises in Canada.

The protests orchestrated by the US-based proscribed organization SFJ, with its main link in Canada being Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Nijjar, involved in inter-gang warfare, was tragically killed in Surrey, Vancouver on June 19. The arch rivals of Khalistan Tiger Force terrorist Nijjar killed him for taking over crime in Surrey, with 15 bullets. Exploiting this incident, SFJ aims to falsely implicate Indian security agencies, raise funds, and radicalize Sikh youth against the Indian diaspora in the west, a report by Hindustan Times has stated. SFJ's campaign, led by terrorist G.S. Pannu, also targeted the Indian consulate in San Francisco, with Pannu receiving lenient treatment in the West, particularly in Canada and the UK.

The Indian High Commission in Canada requested the Federal Government to take comprehensive safety precautions. This includes providing escorts for the High Commissioner and two Consul Generals during events and until the overall threat subsides. The Indian High Commissioner, Sanjay Kumar Verma, along with Consul General Vancouver Manish and Consul General Toronto Apoorva Srivastava, have been named in the pamphlets circulated by extremists, blaming them for the killing of terrorist Nijjar, a report by Hindustan Times has stated.

The Indian mission has also alerted Canadian authorities to the planned burning of the Indian national flag during the protests, highlighting the violent and extremist nature of these demonstrations scheduled in Toronto and Vancouver.

Despite India's efforts to address the threat posed by SFJ convenor G.S. Pannu through diplomatic and intelligence channels with countries like Canada, the UK, the US, and Germany, these extremists are being treated with leniency under the guise of the right to protest. Indian government has resolved not to tolerate the desecration and burning of the Indian national flag. It stated that there will be consequences if the July 8 protests in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver turn violent.

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