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LIVE : Around 1,300 Ukrainian troops killed so far - Zelensky


Mar 12, 2022 08:43 pm

08:43 pm

Russia warns arms convoys 'could be targets'

We've also been hearing today from Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

He has warned Western arms convoys to Ukraine could be “legitimate targets” for the Russian Armed Forces.

08:31 pm

Russia should be ashamed of mayor's abduction - Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky says Russia should be ashamed of its abduction of the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Federov.

Russian troops abducted Federov from a crisis centre in the occupied south-eastern city on Friday afternoon. His kidnapping was captured on CCTV footage which has been widely shared on social media.

08:17 pm

Over 500 Russian troops surrendered on Friday - Zelensky

08:04 pm

Around 1,300 Ukrainian troops killed so far - Zelensky

08:03 pm

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been speaking at a news conference in Kyiv, where he has told reporters that any negotiations with Russia cannot begin before a ceasefire is agreed between Kyiv and Moscow's forces.

07:48 pm

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron have called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to agree to an immediate ceasefire in the conflict with Ukraine during a 75-minute phone-call on Saturday.

07:32 pm

Fresh attempts to evacuate civilians from cities under siege in Ukraine are being complicated by constant Russian shelling, Ukrainian officials say.

Humanitarian corridors are being set up from Mariupol, Sumy and towns and villages outside the capital Kyiv.

06:39 pm

The centre of Kyiv is deceptively calm, and hard from there to gauge the level of fighting around the city. So reporters have to drive out to the suburbs to take a look.

06:22 pm

Abramovich suspended as Chelsea director

The English Premier League has disqualified Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich from being a director of the club after the oligarch was sanctioned by the UK government as part of its response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

05:40 pm

French and German leaders in fresh call with Putin

05:11 pm

Zelensky: Russian army losses largest in decades

04:58 pm

Italy seizes €530m superyacht

Italian authorities have seized a €530 million (£443m) superyacht owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

04:42 pm

Israel denies urging Ukraine to heed Russia's demands

04:20 pm

Attacks continue despite evacuation plans - officials

03:53 pm

Fears Russia may mount a full-scale attack on Kyiv

03:02 pm

Russia shells mosque sheltering 80 - Ukraine foreign ministry

02:40 pm

Former deputy Secretary General of Nato Rose Gottemoeller tells the BBC she is "sceptical" Russian forces will "gain much success" in an assault on Ukraine's capital city Kyiv.

09:05 am

Nato sends troops for exercises in Norway

As Ukraine enters its 17th day under Russian invasion, Nato has said that it will be sending troops to Norway on Monday 14 March.

Some 30,000 troops, 200 aircraft and 50 vessels from 27 nations are expected to take part in the Cold Response 2022 exercise, the largest exercise involving Nato troops this year.

08:49 am

Preparing to fight in Odesa

With fierce fighting in cities along Ukraine’s south coast, the key city of Odesa is preparing its defences.

Russian landing craft have been seen off the coast, and several aircraft have been reportedly shot down.

08:33 am

Ukraine repairing power lines to Chernobyl - IAEA

08:22 am

'We are winning this fight, but not this war'

Mykolaiv, a city in southern Ukraine, is now firmly in the sights of the Russian army.

Moscow's troops invaded from the nearby Crimea peninsula and have had more success in taking territory in this region than Russian forces elsewhere in Ukraine.

08:03 am

Bulgaria offers itself as intermediary in Russia-Ukraine talks

07:33 am

Russia recruiting mercenaries to Ukraine fight

07:23 am

New attempt for Mariupol evacuation planned Saturday

Earlier on we reported on a video address given by Ukraine's deputy prime minister, Iryna Vereshchuk.

The deputy prime minister said that shelling had prevented evacuations from Mariupol, where a maternity hospital was bombed this week, and the capital Kyiv.

06:51 am

Air raid sirens sound in Kyiv and Zhytomyr

In the last half hour, air raid sirens have gone off in the capital city and in Zhytomyr, to its west, warning residents to seek shelter underground.

06:28 am

Zelensky: 'Russia will be regarded like Isis terrorists'

06:09 am

Russia wants full control of Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant - Energoatom

The head of Ukraine's state nuclear company, Energoatom, said Russian officials have tried to enter and take full control of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Energoatom's chief, Petro Kotin, said Russian forces had told Ukrainian staff at the plant that it now belonged to Rosatom, Russia's state nuclear company.

05:45 am

Instagram says millions of Russians will soon have accounts blocked

05:12 am

Russia violating basic nuclear safety principles - US

"Continued Russian firing on nuclear facilities" in Ukraine is "reckless" and must stop, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said in a newly-posted Twitter thread.

Radiation monitors in Ukraine are largely still functioning, added Granholm, who oversees the US nuclear arsenal, and no spikes in radiation have indicated any accidental release of radiation so far.

05:01 am

Pink Floyd drops music from Russia and Belarus digital platforms

04:46 am

Criticism of war appears on Russian state TV show

Criticism of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has appeared on Russian TV, marking an unusual departure for the tightly controlled Russian media.

“Evenings with Vladimir Soloviev,” a popular pro-Kremlin talk-show on the Russia-1 channel, strayed from Moscow's official line during a conversation with guests this week.

04:24 am

Russia relying on 'unguided' missiles - UK Ministry of Defence

03:49 am

Deutsche Bank won't take new Russian business after backlash

03:18 am

US Treasury sanctions more Russian oligarchs The US Treasury has unveiled more sanctions on Russian oligarchs and elite figures.

It said the aim was to increase pressure on those close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Those hit with the new sanctions include 10 people who are part of VTB Bank's board, 12 members of the Duma - the lower house of the Russian parliament - and the family of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

02:47 am

Russian troops have abducted the mayor of the south-eastern Ukrainian city of Melitopol. - a video footage

02:21 am

Russia blocking evacuations from Mariupol, Ukraine says

02:08 am

We've seen no evidence of Belarus troops in Ukraine, says US

01:51 am

Joe Biden: We will not fight a war against Russia

The US will not send troops to Ukraine, US President Joe Biden said in firm comments in Friday.

"I want to be clear: We will defend every inch of Nato territory with the full might of a united and galvanized Nato," the president wrote on Twitter. "But we will not fight a war against Russia in Ukraine. A direct confrontation between Nato and Russia is World War III."

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