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LIVE : Russian shelling prevents evacuations once again


Mar 7, 2022 09:59 pm

09:59 pm

Russian shelling is still preventing the evacuation of civilians from besieged cities, Ukraine says

Attacks are said to continue despite a proposal from Russia to create safe escape routes

09:30 pm

Today I'm announcing a further 175 million pounds in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, bringing the total during the crisis to 400 million pounds. After 12 days it's clear that Putin has made a miscalculation. He has underestimated Ukrainians and their heroic resistance: British PM

09:00 pm

Names of these individuals come from a list compiled by jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny. These sanctions put increased pressure on Russia's leadership incl on Putin's inner circle. Canada has sent about a billion dollars worth of financial assistance to Ukraine: Canada PM

08:56 pm

We will continue to defend democracy and continue to make sure that Putin is held accountable. Today Canada is announcing new sanctions on 10 individuals complicit in this unjustified invasion: Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in London

08:44 pm

Russia-Ukraine talks kick off in Belarus for the third time: Ministry of foreign affairs of Belarus

08:15 pm

Russian troops making every effort to evacuate Indian citizens from Sumy, says Putin tells PM Modi

07:55 pm

Russia backs UN atomic watchdog chief Rafael Grossi's idea of a trilateral meeting with Ukraine to ensure the safety of its nuclear facilities after Thursday's scare, but not at Chernobyl as Grossi wants, Moscow and the watchdog said.

07:52 pm

Ukrainian forces have retaken Mykolaiv airport, reports The Kyiv Independent quoting regional governor Vitaliy Kim.

07:47 pm

UN human rights office says it has been able to confirm the deaths of 406 civilians in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

07:02 pm

Latest round of Moscow-Kyiv talks to focus on humanitarian corridors: Russian chief negotiator

06:55 pm

Russian banks consider China UnionPay cards after sanctions

06:50 pm

Hearing on the request for provisional measures of Ukraine in the case concerning Allegations of Genocide under the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of Crime of Genocide (Ukraine v. Russia) concluded before the ICJ: International Court of Justice

06:26 pm

IAF flight carrying Indian student Harjot Singh, who was shot in Kyiv, lands in Delhi, say officials

06:18 pm

Stung by criticism, UK's Johnson speeds up Russia sanctions

06:17 pm

Ukrainian Navy forces defending Odessa region hit Russian ship, it says

03:54 pm

Kyiv rejects Moscow-proposed corridors to Belarus, Russia

03:20 pm

Prime Minister Modi spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin briefed PM Modi on the development of negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian. Modi urged Putin to hold direct talks with Zelenskyy. The PM further stressed the importance of safe evacuation of Indian citizens from Sumy at the earliest.

03:10 pm

Not the first time that Ukraine experienced first-hand Russia's disrespect for int'l law. Now the world understands its disrespect & the hate of its cruelty...Putin lies & citizens of Ukraine die: Anton Korynevich, permanent representative of President of Ukraine in Crimea, at ICJ

02:45 pm

Russia fails to send representatives to UN court hearing on Ukraine invasion: AP

02:45 pm

World court opens hearing in case by Ukraine asking protection against Russian invasion: Reuters

02:40 pm

Airstrike at airport in Ukraine's Vinnytsia kills 9: AFP

02:37 pm

We demand that Russia stops manipulating the trust of world leaders: Ukraine deputy PM (Reuters)

02:36 pm

Ukraine deputy PM asks Russia to communicate immediately whether it consents to ceasefire (Reuters)

02:32 pm

Russian delegation departs for talks with Ukrainian side in Belarus: Reuters

02:19 pm

We hope France's Macron understands that Russia is manipulating humanitarian corridor issue: Ukraine deputy PM (Reuters)

02:18 pm

Russian defence ministry says six humanitarian corridors will be opened in Ukraine: Reuters

02:13 pm

China's Red Cross will provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, foreign minister Wang Yi said on Monday, as he reiterated a call for talks to continue. (Reuters)

12:29 pm

In a 35 min telephonic conversation with Zelenskyy, Modi discussed the evolving situation in Ukraine. He further appreciated ongoing direct dialogue between Russia and Ukraine. He also thanked Zelensky for the help extended by the government of Ukraine in the evacuation of Indian nationals from the war-torn nation.

11:25 am

The corridors, which will also be opened from the cities of Kharkiv, Mariupol and Sumy, are being set up at the personal request of French President Emmanuel Macron and in view of the current situation in those cities, it said. (Reuters)

11:10 am

The Russian military will hold fire and open humanitarian corridors in several Ukrainian cities including the capital Kyiv at 1000 Moscow time (0700 GMT) on Monday, the Interfax news agency cited Russia's defence ministry as saying. (Reuters)

10:58 am

South Korea cuts transactions with Russia central bank

10:56 am

Ukrainian forces claim to have re-taken Chuhuiv

Ukrainian defence officials claim that their forces have re-taken the eastern city of Chuhuiv.

10:31 am

Australia tells China to demonstrate commitment to global peace

Australia’s Prime Minister has just delivered a lengthy foreign policy speech in Sydney where he pointedly singled out China and its response so far to Russia’s invasion.

“The world has heard China’s words about its commitment to global peace and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity for a long time now.

It is up to China, at this hinge point of history, to demonstrate these are more than just words,” Scott Morrison said.

10:09 am

Russian priest arrested for anti-war sermon

In Russia, activist groups are reporting that a priest who gave an anti-war sermon on Sunday has been arrested and is due to face a court later today.

09:54 am

Renewed Russian shelling in Mykolaiv - reports

09:23 am

New Zealand targets 100 Russian oligarchs with fresh sanctions

09:05 am

Oil hits 13-year high

Oil prices have soared to the highest level since 2008 after the US said it was discussing a potential embargo on Russian supplies with its allies.

08:19 am

Russian forces restrict access to external communication, block access to mobile networks and internet at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency said on March 6: ANI quoting The Kyiv Independent

08:10 am

Europe relies on Russia for crude oil and natural gas but has become more open to the idea of banning Russian products in the past 24 hours, a source familiar with the discussions told Reuters on Sunday

08:09 am

The United States and European allies are exploring banning imports of Russian oil, US secretary of state Antony Blinken said on Sunday, and the White House coordinated with key Congressional committees moving forward with their own ban: Reuters

07:24 am

Harjot Singh, an Indian national who sustained multiple bullet injuries in Kyiv, Ukraine says he is being evacuated to the Poland border in an ambulance now.

07:18 am

At least three people - a mother and two children - die in mortar fire as residents flee the town of Irpin near Kyiv

07:18 am

Ukrainian defence officials have warned Russia is preparing to launch an all-out assault on Kyiv

05:45 am

"WSJ: Russia recruiting Syrians skilled in urban combat to be sent to Ukraine to help take Kyiv, as per US officials. WSJ said it's unclear how many fighters have been identified, but some are already in Russia preparing to enter Ukraine,as per an official": The Kyiv Independent

05:17 am

A special flight, carrying 160 Indian evacuees from Ukraine, lands in Delhi from Budapest in Hungary.

05:10 am

Russia has made significant advances in southern Ukraine and along the coast, but many of its efforts have become stalled, including an immense military convoy that has been almost motionless for days north of Kyiv.

05:10 am

The attacks dashed hopes that more people could escape the fighting in Ukraine, where Russia's plan to quickly overrun the country has been stymied by fierce resistance.

05:09 am

The outskirts of Kyiv, Chernihiv in the north, Mykolaiv in the south, and Kharkiv, the country's second-largest city, faced intense shelling.

05:09 am

``The latest wave of missile strikes came as darkness fell,'' Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovich said on television.

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