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LIVE : India could buy discount oil from Russia


Mar 14, 2022 04:20 pm

04:20 pm

Ukrainian emergency services say that a Russian air strike on a block of flats in Kyiv has killed one person - revising a previous death toll down by one.

03:34 pm

Pregnant woman and baby die after Mariupol hospital bombing

03:12 pm

India could buy discount oil from Russia - reports

India is considering taking up a Russian offer to buy its crude oil and other commodities at discounted prices, Reuters reports two Indian officials as saying.

Russia is facing heavy Western sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine, including several banks being banned from the Swift international payments system.

02:54 pm

Ukraine hints at progress in Russia ceasefire talks

As peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv begin this morning, senior Ukrainian officials have been outlining the shape that negotiations are taking.

"Instead of giving us an ultimatum or red lines or asking Ukraine to capitulate, they now seem to start the constructive negotiations," said Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of office for President Zelensky

02:10 pm

China says claims of Russia seeking military assistance is "disinformation".

01:55 pm

3,000 visas granted as of Saturday - Javid

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid has been answering questions on BBC Breakfast about how many visas have been granted through the Ukraine extended family scheme.

01:37 pm

Russian strike near border is a message to Nato - Poland

A Russian missile attack on a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border yesterday was a attempt to "threaten" Nato, Poland's Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydac

01:30 pm

Ukraine to try to evacuate more trapped civilians

Ukraine will try to evacuate trapped civilians through 10 "humanitarian corridors", including from towns near the capital Kyiv and in the eastern region of Luhansk, Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereschuk says.

01:15 pm

More than 1.75 million people have fled Ukraine to Poland since the war began, the Polish Border Guard agency said Monday.

12:51 pm

Russia fires on Antonov aircraft plant, not airport

12:11 pm

Kyiv's Antonov airport shelled - authorities

12:00 pm

At least one person has been killed and three injured after a residential building was hit by shelling in the capital Kyiv, Ukrainian state TV reports.

11:56 am

Fresh round of talks to begin shortly

A fourth round of talks between Russia and Ukraine are due to start at 10:30 local time (08:30 GMT) this morning according to Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to Ukraine's interior minister.

11:33 am

Ukrainian news outlets report that a TV tower near Rivne, west of Kyiv, was damaged as a result of a Russian missile attack.

11:09 am

Activists claim to have broken into Putin-linked French villa

10:58 am

Ukrainian military claims to have shot down four planes in a day

10:45 am

Longest' air raid siren in Dnipro

10:39 am

Stop providing military aid to any side: Former China state media editor

The former editor of China's state-run newspaper Global Times newspaper Hu Xijin has said China and the US must reach an agreement calling on all countries to stop funnelling military aid to both Ukraine and Russia.

10:25 am

Russian planes to defy suspension of airworthiness certificates

08:58 am

No civilian evacuations in Sumy on Monday: regional governor

The head of Sumy's regional government says that there will be no civilian evacuations from the area on Monday.

Sumy, a city in northeastern Ukraine, has been the scene of heavy fighting since 24 February. On 8 March, more than 20 civilians were reported killed by an airstrike that hit a residential area in the town.

08:28 am

Australia sanctions Abramovich and 32 other Russian billionaire

The Australian government has joined the UK and the US in announcing "fresh sanctions on 33 Russian oligarchs, prominent businesspeople and their immediate family members".

Roman Abramovich, Chelsea FC owner, is one of the people sanctioned, alongside Alexey Miller, Dmitri Lebedev, Sergey Chemezov, Nikolay Tokarev, Igor Shuvalov, Kirill Dmitriev and several others.

08:14 am

US puts pressure on China ahead of talks

The EU and US help Ukraine, China helps Russia; if that’s how this goes then it's a delineation that will make the war in Ukraine an even more consequential one.

The White House has decided to make public its claim just as President Biden's top security adviser is due to meet China's most senior diplomat. It appears to be a tactical move, to put pressure on China; presumably to either confirm or deny it.

08:07 am

Russia-Ukraine talks resume on Monday

Expectations have been raised a notch ahead of renewed dialogue between the two countries.

Dmitry Peskov, Russia's negotiator and President Vladimir Putin's press secretary, said the talks will take place via video-conference.

07:59 am

Poland's army of volunteers help fleeing refugees

As the conflict in Ukraine continues there are now estimated 1.5 million refugees in Poland alone.

They cross the border by car, train or on foot and head to reception centres in towns and villages along the border. The title sounds official, but these "centres" are makeshift sports halls or community centres, staffed largely by volunteers.

07:04 am

Russia seeking China’s military supplies.

Russia's reported calls for military supplies and economic assistance from China are putting their relationship in the spotlight, just weeks after the two countries declared that their partnership has "no limits".

06:50 am

US and France will hold Russia accountable - White House

The White House has just released details of a call US President Joe Biden had with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron.

In it, the two world leaders underscored their commitment to hold Russia accountable for the invasion.

06:18 am

Pro-Putin demonstrators take to streets of Belgrade

Dozens of pro-Russia demonstrators rallied in the Serbian capital of Belgrade on Sunday, voicing their support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

06:07 am

EU condemns 'kidnap' of mayors

The EU has condemned the alleged kidnapping of the mayors of two Ukrainian cities by Russian forces.

05:50 am

Russia has established naval blockade - UK

In its latest intelligence update, the UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) says Russian naval forces have established a blockade of Ukraine's Black Sea coastline, effectively cutting the country off from maritime trade.

05:26 am

Zelensky renews call for no-fly zone

President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to urge Nato leaders to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

04:47 am

Russia blocks access to Instagram

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