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LIVE : Putin not serious about peace talks, says former Russian PM


Mar 18, 2022 09:02 pm 09:02 pm

Biden and Xi call finishes

A video call between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping has now finished, the White House says.

The American president was hoping to persuade his Chinese counterpart to join Western pressure on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

The two leaders spoke for an hour and 50 minutes, their first conversation since November.

The White House has not yet released any information about the call, but the US said beforehand that Biden would urge China not to provide Russia with military equipment for its war in Ukraine.

08:56 pm

Reports of mass casualties from missile strike in Mykolaiv

We're hearing reports of mass casualties following a missile attack on a Ukrainian army barracks in the southern city of Mykolaiv.

One report says at least 45 people have died.

08:48 pm

Air raid sirens and rescue attempts in Dnipro and Mariupol

Air raid sirens rang out all night across the city of Dnipro, although there were no reports of any strikes in the area.

08:27 pm

Zelensky: Russian shelling hampering Mariupol evacuation

08:17 pm

At least 816 civilians killed in war so far, UN says

08:01 pm

Xi tells Biden conflicts are in no-one's interest - Chinese state TV

We're hearing the first reports about what China's President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden are talking about on their video call.

Prior to them talking, the US said Biden would urge China not to provide Russia with military equipment for its war in Ukraine.

In their call Xi told Biden conflicts between states are "in no-one's interest", Chinese state TV reports.

"State-to-state relations cannot go to the stage of military hostilities," state broadcaster CCTV reported Xi as saying.

"Peace and security are the most valued treasures of the international community."

Xi also reportedly told Biden that the US must shoulder its international responsibilities and make efforts for world peace.

We've not yet heard the US's account of what the leaders spoke about.

07:51 pm

Putin not serious about peace talks, says former Russian PM

Former PM of Russia, Mikhail Kasyanov, does not believe President Vladimir Putin is "serious" about peace talks, and is unlikely to offer any solution to the conflict "that will be comfortable for Ukrainian people".

07:37 pm

Russian TV cuts away from Putin speech

In a puzzling moment at the end of Vladimir Putin's address to tens of thousands of Russians, state TV suddenly cut away from the speech mid-sentence and started playing a patriotic song.

07:08 pm

Putin speaks at Crimea celebration event

In Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin has just been speaking to tens of thousands of Russians who are packed inside Luzhiniki Stadium, at an event celebrating eight years since the annexation of Crimea.

06:46 pm

Poland to propose Ukraine peacekeeping mission at Nato summit

Poland will submit a proposal to create a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine at the next Nato summit, prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki says.

The head of Poland’s governing Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, announced the idea during his visit to Kyiv earlier this week.

05:21 pm

Humanitarian crisis increasing exponentially - UN

The humanitarian needs in Ukraine are "increasing exponentially", the United Nations refugee agency has warned.

Matthew Saltmarsh, from the agency, says the situation will continue to worsen if there is no end to the fighting.

05:10 pm

Biden to urge China not to arm Russia

04:54 pm

130 rescued so far from attacked Mariupol theatre, official says

04:31 pm

UK issues 6,500 visas under Ukraine family scheme

04:20 pm

Where is attacked aircraft repair plant in Lviv?

As we've been reporting, Russian cruise missiles this morning hit an aircraft repair plant in Lviv, western Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian air force.

The plant wasn't in operation at the time and no casualties have been reported so far, Lviv's mayor says.

As our map above shows, the plant is only a short distance from the Danylo Halytskyi International Airport of Lviv.

03:56 pm

Could UK be a guarantor in Ukraine-Russia peace deal?

The UK could act as a guarantor to ensure the terms of any peace deal between Ukraine and Russia are honoured, the armed forces minister is hinting.

03:43 pm

Kremlin calls Ofcom's ban of Russia Today in UK 'madness'

03:21 pm

One killed in shelling on Kharkiv flats and education site

02:52 pm

Lviv airport attack cause for concern - UK armed forces minister

02:39 pm

Two million refugees: Poland prepares for marathon response

02:13 pm

Russia Today criticises Ofcom ban

More now on news that Ofcom has revoked Russian-backed television channel Russia Today's licence to broadcast in the UK.

It comes after the UK's media regulator launched an investigation into the impartiality of the channel's coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

01:51 pm

Ukraine humiliating Russia on battlefield, says military expert

Ukraine is "humiliating" Russia on the battlefield and "wiping the floor with them in terms of world opinion", says a UK military expert.

Prof Michael Clarke, former director of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank, says: "The Russians are making almost every tactical mistake it is possible to make."

01:44 pm

Ofcom revokes Russia Today's licence in UK

01:39 pm

One killed after downed rocket hits Kyiv flats

01:17 pm

14,200 Russian soldiers killed since start of war, Ukraine says

01:08 pm

Warehouse storing weapons in Mykolaiv region hit by Russian shelling

10:43 am

Large cloud of smoke 'from direction of airport'

A large cloud of smoke can be seen in the western city of Lviv coming from the direction of the airport 6 km (3.7 miles) from the city centre, said the BBC's correspondent Jonah Fisher, who is currently in the city.

10:36 am

Explosions heard in Lviv: Reports

According to Ukraine 24 television station, blasts were heard in various parts of the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine at around 6:30.Explosions heard in Lviv: Reports

According to Ukraine 24 television station, blasts were heard in various parts of the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine at around 6:30.

10:28 am

Incessant Ukrainian counterattacks and logistical woes are stalling Russia's offensive, according to a UK military assessment

The situation on the ground is not changing dramatically and Ukraine could fight Russia to a standstill, Western officials tell journalists

10:21 am

Evacuations out of Kyiv region continue: SES

Ukraine's state emergency services has shared these photos of overnight evacuations from the Kyiv region.

10:00 am

Air raid sirens in western Ukraine: Reports

Air raids sirens are sounding in multiple areas across western Ukraine this morning, say reports.

09:52 am

Burger King partner 'refused' to shut Russia shops

The operator of 800 Burger King stores in Russia has "refused" to shut them, the fast food chain's owner says.

Restaurant Brands International said it had asked its local partner Alexander Kolobov to shut the shops following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"He has refused to do so," president David Shear said in a letter to staff.

09:37 am

Philippines will not commit troops to Ukraine: Duterte

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he will not commit troops to fight in Ukraine if America were to engage in the conflict.

America and the Philippines have a mutual defence treaty which commits both nations to support each other if either country were attacked by an external party.

09:12 am

Australia and Japan impose more sanctions

Australia and Japan have just turned up the sanctions dial on Moscow.

Canberra added Russian billionaires Oleg Deripaska and Viktor Vekselberg, and 11 banks and government entities to its sanctions list.

08:56 am

Chinese official meets Russia ambassador to China

A Chinese foreign ministry official met with Russia's ambassador to China on Thursday to exchange views on bilateral relations, said news outlet Reuters quoting China's foreign ministry.

06:48 am

Zelensky tells Ukraine that Germany 'looking for a new path'

05:41 am

Russian troops lack 'basic essentials such as food and fuel' - UK

Russian forces are struggling to maintain their offensive in Ukraine, according to the latest intelligence assessment from the UK Ministry of Defence.

"Logistical problems continue to beset Russia's faltering invasion of Ukraine," the report says.

05:26 am

Putin lays out his demands in Turkish phone call

Turkey has positioned itself with great care to be the go-between with Russia and Ukraine - and this seems to be paying off.

05:17 am

Ukraine envoy calls for support from 'neutral' countries

05:05 am

Bono's Ukraine-inspired St Patrick's Day poem

Irish rocker Bono marked St Patrick's Day with a poem for Ukraine, inspired by the famous legend of Saint Patrick, who drove the "snakes" out of Ireland.

04:49 am

China says sanctions will hurt developing countries

Beijing's representative to the United Nations has said the use of sanctions against Russia during a sluggish global economic recovery is a mistake.

"Facts have proven that wanting use of sanctions will not solve any problem but will instead create new problems," Zhang Jun told the UN Security Council on Thursday.

04:31 am

US House paves way for higher Russia tariffs

The US House of Representatives has voted to remove Russia and Belarus from the so-called "most favoured nation" trade agreement, which offers countries privileges such as lower tariffs on imported goods.

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