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LIVE : US warns China against supporting Putin - Washington


US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (file photo)

Mar 15, 2022 07:21 pm

07:21 pm

UK begins to look for alternate oil production.

The UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to head to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf for talks about increasing production of oil and gas to compensate for reduced supplies from Russia.

07:06 pm

About 2,000 cars have been evacuated from Mariupol

06:40 pm

UK announces 370 new Russia sanctions targets - including ex-president, Dmitry Medvedev

06:32 pm

The south-eastern city of Mariupol is encircled by Russian troops and remains under constant bombardment with almost 400,000 people still trapped without running water, and food and medical supplies quickly running out.

06:04 pm

The weapons we get sent are used up within hours - Zelensky

05:51 pm

Four killed after overnight strikes in Kyiv - mayor

The mayor of Kyiv says four people have been confirmed killed after air strikes hit the capital overnight.

05:45 pm

70 buses to rescue civilians from Sumy, as Ukraine refugees top three million

05:14 pm

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been speaking to European leaders in London and has expressed his frustration with Nato over their refusal to implement a no-fly zone.

04:54 pm

Russian missile strikes destroy runway at Ukraine's Dnipro airport

04:35 pm

Russian TV presenter 'quits and leaves country'

04:23 pm

Polish, Czech and Slovenian PMs travel to Kyiv for talks

04:07 pm

We're at dangerous moment, says Kyiv mayor ahead of 35-hour curfew

03:55 pm

Russian vodka hit under new UK sanctions with an additional 35% import tax on top of existing tariffs.

03:31 pm

Russia claims to have taken over Kherson

03:18 pm

EU passes ban on exporting luxury goods to Russia

03:06 pm

Courageous Russian journalist will likely face severe consequence

02:19 pm

Ukrainian people's defence has been ferocious - UK minister

01:36 pm

Russian plan of attack not working - UK Foreign Office minister James Cleverly

11:08 am

Evacuation corridors out of Sumy planned today: Official

Evacuation corridors from four cities in the north-eastern Sumy region of Ukraine will be in place today, according to a local official.

10:56 am

A jet linked to Chelsea football club owner and Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has landed in Moscow, according to Reuters citing data from a flight tracking service.

10:41 am

War should be over by early May - Ukrainian advisor

A Ukrainian government advisor said he expects the war to be over by early May at the latest, when Russia runs out of resources to attack its neighbour.

10:18 am

China urges 'maximum restraint'

China's top diplomat has (again) called for both sides to exercise restraint, in a high-profile meeting with US officials yesterday.

"All parties should exercise maximum restraint, protect civilians and prevent a large-scale humanitarian crisis," Yang Jiechi said, in a read-out summary of the meeting published by Beijing this morning.

10:02 am

Residential building in Kyiv on fire - reports

A residential building is reportedly on fire in Kyiv after explosions were earlier heard in the capital, according to a report by the Ukrainian National News Agency, Ukrinform.

09:19 am

Local channel Ukraine 24 reported two large explosions on the western outskirts of the city - in Kyiv's Borshchagovka district.

08:50 am

Power restored at Chernobyl

External power has been restored at Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear plant, according to the International Automatic Energy Agency (IAEA).

08:30 am

Nearly all of the Russian military offensives remain stalled after making little progress over the weekend, says a senior US defence official

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine will continue on Tuesday, according to Ukraine's president

08:04 am

Russia reportedly using previously unknown missile decoy

US officials believe Russian ballistic missiles being fired into Ukraine are equipped with a previously unknown decoy device that allows them to avoid interception, according to the New York Times.

07:41 am

Japan sanctions 17 more Russians over Ukraine

Japan's finance ministry has frozen the assets of more Russian individuals over the country's invasion of Ukraine.

It has sanctioned 11 members of the State Duma, a chamber of Russia's Parliament, five relatives of banker Yuri Kovalchuk and billionaire Viktor Vekselberg.

07:19 am

New Zealand to take in 4,000 relatives from Ukraine

06:50 am

Ex-Kremlin official denounces war

Arkady Dvorkovich, the head of the World Chess Organization (FIDE), who served as Russia's Deputy Prime Minister from 2012-18, has condemned the war in an interview with a US publication, Mother Jones.

"Wars are the worst thing in life. Any wars. Anywhere. Including this war," he said from an undisclosed location inside Russia.

06:22 am

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says peace talks with Russia - now in their fourth round - will continue on Tuesday in Turkey.

05:53 am

UK - Russia still planning 'false flag' chemical attack

05:38 am

Russia vows to target Ukraine defence industry firms

05:22 am

Biden promises to welcome Ukrainians 'with open arms'

US President Joe Biden has vowed to continue supplying weapons, food and money to help Ukraine.

In a tweet, Biden said the US would also "welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms".

05:09 am

UK expected to announce sanctions on over 100 more individuals

04:34 am

Popular Hemingway pub destroyed in Kharkiv

You'll Never Drink Alone were the words that hung above the bar at the Old Hem, an iconic pub in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

04:00 am

New Russian law aims to put foreign planes to domestic use

03:35 am

Ukraine's defence minister has praised those defending the country and says strengthening air and missile capabilities are now the top priority.

03:03 am

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague has said it will rule on Wednesday on a case brought by Ukraine against Russia, accusing it of falsely justifying its invasion.

02:55 am

Donetsk missile was Russian, says Ukraine

We reported earlier about a missile strike in the separatist-controlled Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, which Russia claimed - without providing evidence - was launched by Ukrainian forces.

Now Ukraine's defence ministry is saying that it was "undoubtedly a Russian missile", according to local media.

02:36 am

More than 4,000 civilians successfully evacuated on Monday, says Ukraine's deputy PM

00:43 am

Ukraine economy set to shrink by 10% due to Russia invasion - IMF

00:35 am

US warns China against supporting Putin - Washington

Washington says it has warned China that no country will be able to get away with trying to bail out Russia as the Kremlin struggles with the sanctions imposed over its attack on Ukraine.

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