Maha Metro 2A & 7 : Why the need, and what it offers?

Photo credit - Alroy Saldanha Apr 04, 2022 10:10 pm

By Hiral Shah

Be it a daily work commute, or weekend hangout with friends, all what the Mumbaikars’ need is flawless travel. A stress free drive or a faster reach to the destination without being soaked in the rain or being dehydrated in the heat.

Almost eight years after the Versova - Ghatkopar Metro the city on 2nd April 2022 began re-writhing the journey of better internal connectivity with the inauguration of Metro 2A and Metro 7 lines by Maharashtra's Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Though partially operational these lines will somewhere ease out the traffic hazards and foster the ease of travel for anyone planning to travel internally. Ideally for travelling within the periphery of new Link Road or the Western Highway.

Somewhere a good decision to start it ‘as it gets ready’ rather than waiting for completion of the entire project.

Any travel is worthwhile if every process involved from departure to arrival is simplified. The 2A and 7 both the lines are equipped with both state-of-art facility and better safety features for the passengers.

From the lavish looking stations to the air-conditioned coaches the passengers are bound to get a pleasing experience at every point. Escalators and elevators are available at every station that delivers stress free movement to-and-from the station.

There are options available for both manual ticketing and self-ticketing machines (will be operational shortly). Every station has not just customer service desk but also has staff that are trained to guide the customers in the most polite way.

Staff at Kandivali West Metro Station

The stations also have instruction board that displays the do’s and don’t of travelling along with the fare chart.

Instruction board detailing the route and the fare

Security and baggage check machines are installed at every station

Security and baggage check

There are platform screen doors (PSD) installed at every platform to ensure that no one moves anywhere closer to the tracks

There are proper announcements about the arrival of the train along with the indicators. Also there are announcements once you board the train about the upcoming station. There is even a station map on the head of every door that displays all the stations on the route.

Loaded with everything that makes us feel wow there is certainly more to it, that addresses the overall infrastructure need.

- Reduces the travel time on these routes.

- Reduces the road traffic on the Link Road and Western Highway

- Connects two extreme parts of the city (the Western Highway and the Link Road)

- Reduce air pollution.

- Reduce the load on other travel options such as city bus (BEST) and to some extent even on local trains.

Mumbaikars are definitely going to have better travelling options and facilities with the advent of fully operational routes of the new metro.

Any details that you would further like to obtain is available on the official website of Maha Metro.