Mask Marshalls will be back again; now with a new role.

Apr 04, 2022 02:00 pm

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to focus on the decor of the city. Addressing issues pertaining to hygiene is going to be their area of act now using the same Marshalls deployed for penalising the mask offenders before the restrictions were lifted.

The Marshalls will now get new uniforms, like that of security guards, with ID cards that will have a unique code number to distinguish them from the fake ones.

They will be assigned to look after instances of littering, spitting, urinating in public and other civic complaints.

"We have received applications from 19 agencies. Now these private staff will be named nuisance detectors", said additional Municipal Commissioner Suresh Kakani,

"The BMC will appoint 30 private NDs in every ward. As we have received applications from 19 agencies, we will give the responsibility of two wards to some agencies as per their rank in BMC scrutiny. We will also ensure that a proper complete uniform like a private security guard is given with a cap, belt, and the shirts will have a nameplate on the chest and the unique number on the back. The agency will be responsible for provision of the uniform, not the BMC," a senior BMC official said.

"Our staff will be keeping an eye on them. If NDs are not found at the designated place, we will initiate action," he said, adding, "If an ND is found misbehaving or without a uniform, the BMC can fine the agency concerned Rs 1,000 the first time. If there is frequent misconduct, the contract can be terminated."