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Mumbai police is working hard to implement road safety measures

Jul 11, 2022 10:00 pm

By Hiral Shah

On May 25th the first announcement was made making helmets compulsory for the pillion riders giving a time of 15 days to buy helmets. Though many understood the rule and exhibited seriousness towards it but many were still not bothered as before.

A fine of ₹ 500 is imposed on the pillion rider not wearing a helmet and the biker, too, runs the risk of having his/her driving licence suspended for three months if found riding without the headgear.

The police started taking action on 10th June 2022 and over 3400 pillion riders were issued challans on the first day itself and 70% of them were from South Mumbai.

This rule is purely to safeguard the citizens as the data available from the RTO indicates over 47% of deaths caused by road accidents in Mumbai involve two-wheelers. In 2020 (last for when data is available), 350 people died in 1,812 road accidents in the city.

Since the implementation of the drive the traffic police have been on their toes making the citizens aware and even implementing the law. Despite the heavy and notorious rains in Mumbai today the traffic were seen quiet vigilant and in action.

We noticed one such incident of perseverance towards his duty by Senior Police Sunil Ghag with his team at Kandivali West Link Road. They were seen in action despite heavy rains issuing challans to bikers and pillions without helmet.

“For us duty and safety of our citizens is most important and we will be there on duty no matter what weather it is,” said Ghag.

A good amount of seriousness is even displayed by youth and the residents of Mumbai by way of their clicking pictures of offenders and submitting the same to Mumbai Traffic police on Twitter. Traffic police have equally responded to Twitter complaints by forwarding the same for action to the nearest police station or traffic control room.

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