Mumbai Traffic Police has decided to run the #NoHonkDay campaign every Wednesday.

May 31, 2022 05:00 pm

Off late under the guidance of the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Samjay Pandey there have been major initiatives by the police and traffic police in Mumbai to safeguard its citizen. These includes the no helmet action and the wrong side driving challans as major of all. Today the Traffic Police took another action as a beginning to curb the noise pollution created by the vehicles in the city. Beginning tomorrow the city will observe No Honking Day on every Wednesday as announced by the Mumbai Traffic Police in its press release.

“Due to increasing number of vehicles in the city of Mumbai, the Mumbai Traffic Police branch has planned to conduct a special #NoHonkDay campaign every Wednesday to take action against the drivers who are unnecessarily honking and creating noise pollution.

During the said campaign In charge Police Inspectors from all the Traffic Divisions in Mumbai will organise a full day ‘No Honking Day’ every Wednesday within their Jurisdiction. It will display a No Honking sign/banner to motorists stopped at the signal. At the same time, they will provide guidance and counselling to the drivers on the issue of No Honking. In order to take legal action against the drivers violating the traffic rules, challan action will be taken against the maximum number of drivers who violates the No Honking rules,” the press release read.

The official Twitter handle from the department had the below declaration

No Honk Wednesdays

Mumbai Traffic Police has decided to run the #NoHonkDay campaign every Wednesday. Traffic divisions will take action against those who honk for no good reason. Our volunteers will be at junctions with placards to drive home the point.