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Narendra Gajalley

Narendra Nampelly Gajalley is a 3rd year Architecture student studying in Pune who has had a keen interest in Art and painting from childhood.

Untitled by Narendra Gajalley

Soon after an A grade in Intermediate art exam during his school days pushed him to take up his skill seriously. He has been under Bhaskar Mandolu sir's guidance since 7-8 years now and the learning and exploration has been magnificent.

Untitled by Narendra Gajalley

His art style is inclined mostly towards the historical element of design and finding out colours behind the history. Narendra has been awarded as the best freelance artist in KalaVishwa Artfest 2020.

Unveiling our rendezvous with Narendra Nampelly Gajalley

A. How many years you have been in the field of art and why?

I have been into Art since my childhood, which grew bigger and better under my Guru Sir Bhaskar Mandolu. It has been almost 7-8 years that I have been doing Art but it's just a couple of years back that I started taking this profession seriously.

B. What media you have been using so far?

I started with watercolour paintings and switched to Acrylic on canvas couple of years back.

C. What media you are planning to explore in the future?

It feels comfortable in the media that I follow for my artworks till now but I would definitely would like to explore oil on canvas. At the same time I feel different themes and styles can be explored in the mere future to explore my potential.

D. What kind of uniqueness you spotlight using your art?

My artwork mainly tries to hunt the beauty that holds behind the historical sculptures and temples with the help of multiple colours.

Thanks Giving

The E Today is thankful to Narendra Nampelly Gajalley for his valuable time and even to Mr. Hiral Shah, The Chief Editor; who is currently promoting artist from every corner of India and, looking at creating a much needed platform to showcase every artist of the nation.

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