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Nepal plane crash : Indian man records final moments

Jan 16, 2023, 02:28 pm

The final moments of the Nepal plane that crashed on January 15, killing at least 67 people on board, were caught on a Facebook live video shot by an Indian passenger, according to reports.

Sonu Jaiswal had been happily recording his Yeti Airlines flight experience on a Facebook live video with three of his companions, showing scenes inside the plane and outside its window. Their excitement soon turned to horror as the plane crashed.

Flames and passengers' screams wear caught on the video Jaiswal shot.

Yeti Airlines` twin-engine ATR 72 aircraft, which was headed to Pokhara, had 72 people onboard on Sunday morning when the tragic incident took place. After the crash, hundreds of rescue workers were seen scouring the crash site for dead bodies and to rescue anyone who is still alive.

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