No hawkers to operate within 100 meters of schools and 150 meters of railway stations. CP Mumbai

Sanjay Pandey during his weekly Facebook Live session on 29 May announced the above

May 30, 2022 06:00 am

Beginning today Mumbai Police will take action against any street hawkers found to be operating within 100 meters of schools and 150 meters of railway stations.

The Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey announced this during his Facebook Live session on Sunday afternoon. The Commissioner said that these restrictions for hawkers were already in place, and that the police force was only going to enforce them more strictly from now on.

“There are several rules and court judgements in place, which forbid hawkers from selling their wares within 100 meters of schools and temples, as well as 150 meters of railway stations. We will be taking action against any hawkers found near schools and stations. As far as temples are concerned, the trusts will have to complain to us about hawkers near their premises, as a lot of land around temples is owned by the trusts themselves, and products related to religious rituals are also sold here,” Pandey said.

He, however, also stated that hawkers also have a right to livelihood and that the objective was not to take it away from them. "However, there are some clear rules which can not be flouted, and these need to be taken seriously," he said.

“Several times, hawkers come to meet me to discuss their problems and they, too, are struggling. An MBA graduate who lost his job came to meet me. He started a small roadside stall in Andheri and had a daily income of Rs 700 but had to pay Rs 1250 as a fine every day! This was happening only because there is no proper system in place through which he could register himself as an authorised hawker. Besides, in the absence of a proper authority to regulate and register hawkers, the entire system is run by goons who extort them. This is a very entrenched problem. I will be writing to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, asking them to put a Town Vending Committee in place so that this problem is sorted out once and for all,” said Pandey.

Pandey also referred to his recent statements made during his YouTube Live session last week, during which he had said that cooperative housing societies have too much power and that the structure needs to be changed.

“I got a lot of criticism about my statements, with people saying I didn't know what I was talking about. But there are so many cases of managing committees abusing their power. A woman came to meet me recently. She had lost her husband and had a 50 per cent share of their house. However, the society was refusing to enter the name of the person to whom she wanted to transfer it. I have paid every penny for the house, plus regular maintenance and other dues. Why should anyone decide that if I want to transfer my property to someone else, I have to go and beg before the managing committee?” Pandey said.