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Not just horses, this time it’s landscapes too at Pune’s Malaka Spice : Qureysh Basrai

Dec 23, 2022, 03:30 pm

Qureysh Basrai an Artist on-board with The Indian Gallery has been the talk of the town with a blissful showcase of his horse paintings at the famous Mahalaxmi Racecourse. His artworks now has been selected for a display at Malaka Spice in Pune‘ Koregaon Park for the entire month of Jan 2023.

The artist so known for his horses would be also showcasing his landscapes the fine dine venue. Though good with landscapes too; his fascination for horses have been inflating with the time and the same goes imbibed in his logo too.

The journey of art for Qureysh began during his school days when he started racking up awards in art competitions for his drawings and paintings. At the very age of 14 Qureysh feathered his first exhibition at the Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai in 1979 accumulating an all round appreciation for his skills.

Six of his paintings were picked up by the Art Freaks Global Coffee book in 2020 and the world art Encyclopedia. In the year 2021 seven of his paintings were printed by International contemporary artist. Five of his artworks are also selected by Zervas Art Foundation Greece.

Mastered with oil on canvas Qureysh plans to have his hands on Geo Polymer.

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