PepsiCo reported as the worst plastic polluter in 2022

Nov 15, 2022, 01:20 pm

PepsiCo was the top plastic polluter in India in 2022 followed by CG Foods India (a maker of instant noodles and snacks) and Perfetti Van Melle, the maker of confectionaries like Mentos and Alpenliebe, said a report highlighting plastic pollution across the globe.

According to the 2022 Brand Audit by Break Free From Plastic, the most common plastic products found in India were food packaging, household products and other packaging materials.

Break Free From Plastic is a global movement working towards eliminating single-use plastics, among other things.

The report said that single-serve sachets and flexible packaging are a concerning trend in Asia and Africa. In Asia, companies sell food, personal care and household products in sachets which is an intentional corporate strategy to market products in small quantities at low cost to appeal to consumers in emerging economies.

“Sachets’ true costs are externalised, as communities suffer the consequences from this unrecyclable low-value waste choking waterways, burdening waste management systems and their workers, disrupting coastal communities’ livelihoods, creating health risks, and contaminating food systems,” the report stated.

Break Free From Plastic has analysed the plastic crisis in India and across the globe for the last five years, i.e., 2018-2022. The top polluter in India was Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) in 2021, Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers' Federation in 2020, SS Food Products (a maker of baking products) in 2019 and Perfetti Van Melle in 2018.