Praan Vaayu dedicates it’s newly launched app to the Mother Earth on this Mothers Day.

May 10, 2022 02:00 pm

Praan Vaayu Awareness Foundation, ‘one of its kind’ and the very first NGO of India that caters to regularising the EWaste segment in India, launched its Android App on 26th Apr 2022. The App went live on Google Play store on the launch day and was communicated to mass of audience across the financial capital on May 8, dedicating itself to the Mother Earth.

“Our love for our mother is eternal and we need to have the same love and respect for our Mother Earth, who has forever served us like our mother without any complaint but unfortunately we have disregarded her behind our own selfish needs and wants” said Nirav Raval, Managing Director of Praan Vaayu. Mr. Raval recently (8th Apr 2022) received IBG Excellence award from The Indian Business Group, a chamber of commerce.

Praan Vaayu has been working largely towards regularisation of EWaste management. India today stands with a concern of rising pollution with its top metro cities featuring in the Top 10 World’s Most Polluted Cities.

Within a span of little over 6 months Praan Vaayu has connected with over 75000 households across Mumbai educating them and making them aware about scientific disposal of Electronic Waste. They have been organising campaigns and awareness programs across schools, colleges and religious places enabling them to collect and discard EWaste in the most accurate manner. They have so far managed to assimilate and process approximately 10000 Kg of Electronic Waste.

Their App notifies you about their upcoming events and EWaste collection Drive across Mumbai. Using the app the user can raise an EWaste collection request at their preferred time and date. Upon receipt of request the pick-up team confirms the request with the user and makes necessary arrangements for pick-up for the date and time as scheduled.

Chaitali Shah, who heads the entire Mumbai for Praan Vaayu has been the biggest support system in terms of corporate collaboration. Her contribution extends further as she been able to bag in quiet eminent personalities in favour of their campaign.

Praan Vaayu has been gaining tremendous support from organisations, communities and other NGOs from across the city.

Natasha Dsouza, who is heading Start Upcycling Now which is into Wet Waste and Dry Waste Management has extended a great support by connecting Praan Vaayu to educational institutes like SIES College, The Cathedral and John Connon School, St. Theresa Church, Mount Carmel Church, Vinayalaya Retreat House and many more.

Jayesh Labdhi, committee member of Mumbai Diamond Merchants from the past 30 years has extended a support too by organising an upcoming event in BKC towards the end of May 2022.

The informal sector operating outside the purview of the Pollution Control Board has been adding to the hazards of the environment. We need an organised effort to curb the toxic outcome created by the informal sector.