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Pramukh Swami Maharaj : Living The Life Of A Human

We have created a world in which everything is computed in the algorithms of binary numbers ie 101. We have created a workplace where every individual is just another number. We live in such an entitled way as if we are the only ones who have every right to live. But lest we forget, this same right belongs to every other individual as well. The blood that flows in our veins is the same blood that flows in the veins of every other human being. The employees who work for us also feel the same emotions that we feel. If we

understand this simple truth, we can be very successful in our professional as well as our personal lives. This is a humanitarian issue. Humaneness is fundamental to any person’s long lasting success.

There is a special relationship between the individual and the world at large. This relationship is of three types:

(1) Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory

Survival of the fittest - where the strong and mighty prevail over the weak.

(2) Live and let live - This is a better way of life than the first one. There is no tendency to oppress anyone, but there is also an indifference towards other human beings. Just as a mother thinks for a child, 'I live and let my child live,' but the child does not get a healthy upbringing in such an atmosphere.

(3) Live to let live. Live to help someone live – i.e. the spirit of selflessness. This is called humaneness. Millions of people are ready to sacrifice for the one who sacrifices for others.

Bhagwan Swaminarayan has explained this beautifully in the Vachanamrut. He says that a saint who has four sadhus living with him and if he knows how to keep them compassionately, then the sadhus will choose to stay with him and the saint who does not know how to keep the sadhus likewise, then they will not choose to stay with him.

Pramukh Swami Maharaj was such a saint that sadhus, householders, and other saints happily chose to stay with him. Humaneness and compassion were hallmarks amongst Swamiji's innumerable virtues. He was always thoughtful and took loving care of everyone. Everyone, whether poor or rich, was equal in his eyes. He took care of everyone without any kind of discrimination.

Once, Swamiji arrived at a place during the course of his spiritual sojourn. One night while Swamiji was going to his resting room to retire for the day, he had a light conversation with the other saints. Reminding him that the atmosphere was quite cold that day, Krishnavallabh Swami said, 'Swamiji! the weather was quite chilly, while you were going to your rest room for your afternoon siesta. Swamiji said with a light smile, 'Yes, indeed. My pillow, bed and quilt were all cold. The back of the quilt was such that it simply wouldn't stick to the body. For a couple of hours, I had to endure the cold, while lying in the bed.'

Immediately the attendant saint said, 'Then you should have rung the bell and woken me up' Swamiji said, 'I thought, what is the need to wake all of you for such a small thing? Also, your sleep would get disturbed. Since we have endured this much, it wouldn't harm enduring a little more.' It is easy to understand from this single example that Swamiji always lived in such a way that he placed others before himself. He took care of other people's comforts even at the cost of his own comfort. Even when the attendant saints were always ready to serve Swamiji, he placed their needs, interests and conveniences before his own. There are innumerable such occasions, when there have been moments when Swamiji has silently borne all sorts of inconveniences without even letting the devotees know about it. He used to think why should one bother or hurt someone else for oneself? Swamiji always exuded the fragrance of compassion. He constantly held the thought that why should one give the same pain to others that one is undergoing. This is altruism, which is a very big virtue, that enables one to imagine the kind of pain that the other person is undergoing and to help that individual get relief from the pain. This is an attribute of a very great human being.

In the year 2010, Swamiji was in the Bochasan temple. P. Akhandmangal Swami, who had arrived there from Valsad, said, 'Swamiji, about 300

teenagers from the region of Valsad have come here today. Our original schedule was to leave for Valsad but when we came to that you had arrived here, we have changed our plans. As soon as, all the boys and girls came to know that you were here, they all insisted that we should stay here for the night and leave only after having your darshan tomorrow morning. So today everyone has been sent to Mehalav for darshan and then they will return here for the night. We have arranged for their accommodation in and around the town. Also, once they reach here in the Bochasan temple, they will all join in the service. And that too, very happily and most willingly.'

On hearing this, Swamiji said, 'All these boys and girls have come here after traveling for two days. So everyone must be very tired. So tell Bhandari swami that there is no need to make them join in the service. As soon as they arrive from Mahelav, let them all go to sleep since they have to start on an early journey tomorrow morning.'

After giving these instructions, later after having his meal, even when all the other saints had left, Swamiji again reiterated to his attendant saint, 'Tell Bhandari swami not to involve these teenagers in the service. All of them would be very tired and again, they have an early journey tomorrow morning.' Swamiji always thought of other people's comforts before his own.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Sadhu Amrutvadandas. We thank swamiji for his research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens.

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