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Pramukh Swami Maharaj : Philanthropy should not have any hidden intentions.

Many companies provide free meals to their employees. Many companies provide interest free loans to their employees. Many companies gift their workers houses, cars, jewelry etc. Many companies even educate their employees' children at the company's expense. Also, many companies provide free medical, insurance etc. to employees. Because all these companies earn a lot of money every year through their employees. So the companies provide them with facilities and assistance. Many companies also help people who are poor, backward and underprivileged. Many companies give large sums of money or essential items to other organizations for skill development in hinterland. Because they have to do it under the CSR initiatives of the government, since if they don't do this then a government inquiry begins.

A few months ago a very big businessman in Mumbai announced that he would donate all his assets. It so happened that this multi billionaire businessman had a terrible addiction to alcohol and cigarettes etc. Due to this, both his kidneys had failed. He was constantly in the hospital for dialysis in order to survive. He died due to all these diseases. People thought that a host of beneficial social activities will be done from the wealth that he left behind for the underprivileged. But when his will was declared, the bussinessman had very cleverly distributed all his property, share certificates etc among his family members. He had kept only a very meagre amount as his own. People help everyone in this way too.

Lao Tzu has said that The Great Square has no corners. The hearts of great souls do not discriminate. Petty people have the feeling that this is mine and this is yours. But the truly great person has no boundaries. Their hearts are very large. Pramukh Swami Maharaj was a saint in whose heart there was no such thing as this is mine and this is yours. The principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbam was woven in his heart and life. Such a spirit is the hallmark of a great leader. Whenever people have approached him in any kind of crisis in the society, Pramukh Swami Maharaj had always responded to their cries for help. He helped immensely and aided beyond measure. From Macchu Dam disaster in Morbi to Morbi's swinging bridge collapsing incident, the saints and volunteers of the organization have given robust and incessant service due to Swamiji's inspiration. Also, his nature was such that he never looked at the caste, village, work name etc. of the person seeking help.

Once Swamiji was in Mumbai. A devotee had asked a shopkeeper to send mangoes to the mandir. That shopkeeper assigned a person with a box of mangoes to have it delivered at the temple. This particular man who came to the temple to deliver the box happened to meet Swamiji. His sweaty body, smelly tattered clothes and helpless face gave away his compulsion. Swamiji met him with great affection and asked his whereabouts.

On inquiring, it was found that this laborer was educated in homeopathy. But due to dire circumstances, instead of the practicing as a homeopathy doctor, he was labouring as a delivery boy. After hearing his story, Swamiji was deeply moved and told Ramcharan Swami who was present there that it would be better if he should be practicing under a good doctor. Despite having any knowledge or acquaintance about that person, Swamiji's heart was pacified only by helping that poor person. He delivered a single box of mangoes but with Swamiji's help, he took many boxes of sweet mangoes. When he came, he had come to give, but when he left, he left with a full heart. Swamiji would never leave anyone who came to him empty handed. Even if someone was not able to come to Swamiji, Swamiji would reach out to him and give the person more than what he needed. Swamiji not only had equality in giving but he also had equality in perceiving. He treated everyone equally. He never discriminated between high and low. Though a sadhu and a householder are on different paths, Swamiji strongly believed that their destination was the same, and hence he respected both. Thus, for him, no one was a stranger. Once it so happened that Swamiji was sitting in the temple. When the saints and devotees came for his darshan, the saints immediately sat around Swamiji while the devotees were left behind. Seeing this, Swamiji asked the saints respectfully, "Why did you all sit here like this? Please come this way. Sit on the left. Are you the only human beings? Aren't these devotees human?” The saints immediately moved away on Swamiji's instructions and allowed the devotees to sit as per his wish. Swamiji was pleased to see the understanding of the saints. Saints or devotees, known or unknown, all lived happily with him as Swamiji's heart was as big as the entire universe.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Sadhu Amrutvadandas. We thank swamiji for his research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens.

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