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Pramukh Swami Maharaj : The Epitome Of Courage

There is this incident which occurred when the pandemic Corona was at its peak. A very large multinational vaccine manufacturing company in India produced crores of vaccines during in this period and was performing very well. One fine day, local people in a large number gathered in front of this huge factory. They were also believed to have affiliation with a political party. Without looking at the larger picture, they started a demonstration where they were insisting to the owner that since the vaccine was being produced locally in their state, the local people should be vaccinated first or else the owner will face dire consequences and further threatened him that they won't let the vaccines be supplied from there. The owner used to supply vaccines everywhere in the country as per government guidelines and instructions. But this kind of loud shouting and vandalism etc. were new to him. He was really scared. Further, all this was happening at a time when he was having such good intentions to set up a bigger pharma factory at his existing place and generate more employment for the local people and improve their lives. But after having such a terrifying experience, his heart sank. He immediately decided to invest billions of rupees in a foreign country. This investment was worth 24 billion rupees. Such incidents happen with many people. As soon as there is some commotion or some difficulty people loose their courage. To that extent that they totally abandon the projects and many other promising developments.

An Indian teenager studying in a prestigious university in London had recently taken an exam.

Due to an error in the digital system of the university, he got very low marks in one subject when the results were declared. On investigating, a suggestion was made to him that he might have to retake the exam. Hearing this, the boy lost courage and confidence. He said with a heavy heart, 'I will not give the exam again.' However, on rechecking, he obtained a good score, which was a great relief for him and his family.

Life is full of such unforseen incidents. Lots of people tend to give up on such petty matters. But Pramukh Swami Maharaj was different. Never has one seen him lose heart or hope. He was the epitome of courage. As per Mr. Karthiken, head of CBI, Pramukh Swami Maharaj was the bravest man in the world, He noted that after the extremely inhuman terrorist attack on Gandhinagar Akshardham by Muslims, anyone other than Swamiji would have dropped the idea of ​​building Akshardham in Delhi. Even after the worst ordeal of that terrible terrorism, Swamiji did not stop the work of building the grand Akshardham in Delhi, which is a bigger temple than Gandhinagar Akshardham. This is called courage. His guru Shastriji Maharaj used to say that I will build the temple of Gadhada with my own strength. Swamiji has done the same epoch-making work by creating Akshardham in Delhi. And it happened solely due to his strength. Otherwise, seeing the problems, questions, difficulties arising during its construction, anybody could have stopped the work half way through. Among a host of other problems, the threat of terrorist attacks was still looming. But Swamiji completed its construction very smoothly.

Similarly, the New Jersey Akshardham temple commenced by him speaks volumes for his courage. First of all, no one would dare to acquire 260 acres of land over there. Even if someone were to do so, to think of building a grand temple would be something of an extraordinary thought. Construction norms in foreign countries are different. Again within those parameters one has to resolve so many issues that one cannot even think of. In all this, an ordinary person would tend to lose his calm and sleep. The mind shuts down. But Swamiji did not lose heart in such endless confusion.Those who lived with him, those who listened to his words and those who joined his works, found great courage.

Once Swamiji was sitting with some saints and devotees. A devotee while talking about two brothers said that both of them want to become sadhu but their parents are not yet ready to give them permission. Hence, it may not matter so much if we make them sadhus one by one. The parents will also find it agreeable. Swamiji looked at both of them and said slowly but firmly, 'No. Both are to be initiated simultaneously and not separately. Even their parents will agree.' The saints and devotees were stunned to hear Swamiji's powerful words! Because initiating both the brothers as saint simultaneously was really a feat of courage. And so it happened. A few years later, Swamiji initiated them in the sadhu fold after getting the needed permission from their parents. At that time the devotees remembered Swamiji's words.

There were when people tried to wrongfoot Swamiji by asking him a number of questions, but he never ever panicked or lost courage. He would immediately give his answer in very clear words and with all sincerety.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Sadhu Amrutvadandas. We thank swamiji for his research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens.

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