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Putin hides family as he prepare for nuclear drills

Mar 20, 2022 10:22 pm

Vladimir Putin has shifted his family to a "secret underground city" as he is planning to "hold a nuclear evacuation drill"

The Daily Mail quoted a source who revealed that the Russian President is “depressed" and has a character of “often pouring his anger out in those close to him". “He has no deep conversations with almost anyone, and limited contact even with his children - not only his [adult] daughters but also his [undisclosed] children with [Olympic gold medal winning gymnast, 38] Alina Kabaeva," the source said.

The move to initiate a “nuclear evacuation" of his family amid conflict with Ukraine has raised the fears of a beginning of a nuclear war. The secret location is not just a bunker, but a huge underground city, said a Russian expert.

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