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Respect for the guru

Golden history is written in the Nabho Mandal of Jain rule because the ruler is all but obedient. The regime is that regime in which the individual is the welfare of his own soul, that regime is "Jain regime". There have been many brave men in today's regime. Jamie Shorey's saga is engraved on golden pages.

Tej Ek Gatha means "became Acharya with dedicated qualities" after Prabhu's rule came under Guru's rule. A disciple whose life is according to Guru's orders, the disciple does not have any kind of concern for himself. One such event is inscribed with golden letters. It is a long time ago that Muniraj Shri Siddhasen Vs. m. After Muni Raj's initiation, Guru Ajna + Guru Ichcha was the only "mantra" in life and he started moving forward in his life accordingly.

Muniraj is moving forward in the life of those who accept the life of austerity and want to live with every breath and taste the high taste of the life of austerity. Guru Ajna is said to have attained a place in the Guru's heart by understanding and accepting the Lord's path and imbibing the virtues of austerity. It is natural that Guru has a place in the heart of the disciple, but the place of the disciple in the heart of the Guru is very important, excellent. The true celebration of this is that this Muniraj, such a Mahatma, in his life, served Guru, veyavaccha quality, any service for any monk who is God, if he is of age, he is ready at every step, a one-time event. Started studying with Maniraj Panditji and here in the ongoing study, his Gurudev Shri kept calling him about any work, now Panditji was interrupted due to frequent interruptions in the ongoing study, so he said to Muniraj that he will not study like this, it is not possible to study like this, Panditji said.

Then Muniraj thought calmly and said Panditji for me first guru service then study. By saying this, Panditji said that if there is no time for study, let it be! Muniraj also said in the same way that self-restraint in life is Guru service first and then study, so if you are not comfortable then it will work. The thing to think about in this is how strong is the apathy towards Guru. In this way, moving forward in his life, he became fully capable of carrying the Ghura of governance and community, so Guru Bhagavan said that Siddhasen you are going to enter the Jog of Bhagwati, according to Gurudev's order, but Muniraj is completely indifferent. Answered that what should I do with the degree! How will Guru's devotion be after me? So I will not enter this jog. After rejecting Guru Bhagwan, some time passed and Pujya Dada Guru Bhagwant was all sitting in a village, at that time some personal disciples came and saluted Guru Bhagwan. Finally the disciples said that Gurudev Muniraj Siddhasen m. Sa. When to give degree. At that time P. Tears came to Gurudev Shri's eyes and he said in a loud voice that "I am tired of telling this but he doesn't believe me" what should I do where these words fell because of Muniraj and my heart was shaken, for me the tears in Guru's eyes are going away and his own. I got up from the seat and bowed my head at the Guru's feet and said that I have to do as per the orders of Gurudev Aap Shri. When Muniraj said this, Gurudev Shri became very happy and at the best moment he entered into the Jog of Bhagwati and began to do yoga with joy.

Gautama Swami Maharaj was honored and returned to Bhildia ji Tirtha Bhildi Parshwanath Prabhu in the presence of Suripad and the festival started with a wonderful park and Sri Sanghas of the place have come to greet him, there is no limit to the crowd. Vs. No. 2045 is the golden day of Phagan Sud 11 and today is the day ie. This. Shri Somacandra Suri Maharaja was extremely happy because today he has to place one of his obedient disciples on his path.

Today first Prabha He himself got up and completed the necessary Kriya Adi and chanted Vasakshpa Abhi to give the Suri Pad to the disciple. The Kriya started with the excellent benefit of Suri Pad. At the auspicious time, the Suri mantra is offered to the disciples by wailing the ear with saffron, and the new name is announced by installing the new principal. Somchandra Suri sent that name is announced today as Nutan Mahvijay Somsunder Suri Mangal Ghost appeared in the name of Na and everyone expressed immense joy by throwing four-wheeled Sri Sangh Akshat to salute Rama. Now Suri begins his journey to power and starts to make the community happy by carrying the scepter of governance. As time passed, the first such Chaturmas after Suri Pada was in Pol, as Dada Gurudev Shri's health was not good, Dada Gurudev said that Siddhasen is going to give a lecture to you today, and after taking the blessings of Gurudev Shri, he went to give the first lecture and on Shraddhavidhi Granth, the conduct of the listeners. Delivered a lecture to advance the listeners towards dharma and followed the Guru's command by giving satisfaction to all. After taking office, till now, he continues with the same philosophy of not leaving anyone alone but gathering everyone wherever they are separated. In Vikram Samvat 2057 in Patan, the birth of Prabhu Veer is celebrated on Chaitra Sudh Teras in Vikram Samvat 2057, then why should we celebrate Janma Kalyanak separately? Mr.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Pujya Gurudev Shree Mokshsundar Saheb. We thank Gurudev for his blessings, research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens. Also, we would like to thank Hiral Shah, the Chief Editor of The E Today for bringing in such wonderful personalities who can guide us on every path of life.

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