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Ronnie Screwvala to come up with new web series 'The Support Group'

Sep 21, 2022, 08:00 pm

Ronnie Screwvala's next OTT venture will be the web series, titled The Support Group. Directed by French/Indian filmmaker Prashant Nair, known for his 2015 film Umrika, The Support Group will have the director also serving as its showrunner. 

Produced by RSVP, in collaboration with Sidharth Jain,The Support Group is about three characters from three different backgrounds, who form an uneasy alliance to escape the consequences of an accidental killing.

The official synopsis read, "The series is about normal, everyday people pushed to the brink, deeply conflicted by the choices that have led them to the very dark places they find themselves in." 

In a statement, Ronnie said that aim with The Support Group was to offer the audience an experience that will keep them engaged. 

"With The Support Group, our goal is to create the kind of show that keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat, full of twists and gasp-out-loud moments you can't help but binge straight through the night. A show that pushes the envelope and doesn't hold back from shocking - but never gratuitously and always with integrity. A show full of iconic moments made to be discussed endlessly during lunch breaks and cocktail hours," said the producer in a statement. 

The Support Group will focus on the modern India and its rich cultural heritage. "The darkness depicted in The Support Group will be infused with humour and irony, ensuring that for every shudder there's also a laugh. The show will dig deep into the rich cultural heritage and nuances of contemporary life in India as a springboard for what will hopefully be a unique viewing experience,' the director said.

Sharing his happiness in working with Prashant and RSVP, Sidharth said, "I've always looked up to Ronnie and couldn't have found a better mentor and partner for this project. Just as we created a universe of stories based on books, at The Story Ink, with House of Talkies, we are producing a compelling slate of high-concept projects, both series and films, beginning with The Support Group."

On the film front, RSVP has projects like Pippa, Mission Majnu, Captain India and Sam Bahadur in the pipeline, and they are also awaiting the release of Mismatched Season 2, and a Richie Mehta-helmed series about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. 

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