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Saloni Goyal

26 years old artist Saloni holds masters in computer science and is working in the software industry. She has been great at academics always, in fact she was the literary secretary in her school times but art holds a different place in her life.

She was diagnosed with pcod at very young age (well this is very common lifestyle issue, but in childhood - the situation hits you differently). She started to feel that she did not look very appealing and obviously did not have many friends so where would she express these feelings. Thats where art comes into picture..

She has won several art competitions during schooling but then stopped and focussed to prepare for GATE. She did qualify it and thats how she got her masters done.

Covid got us locked in houses again and thats when she found a new medium - Alcohol Inks. Saloni is an extrovert and loves interacting with people. She is in absolutely love with IT industry and upcoming technologies but she also do paint every single day.

Unveiling our rendezvous with Saloni Goyal


A. How many years you have been in the field of art and why?

I have always been into art since childhood but it was when covid had just kicked in and we all got locked up in houses, I was looking to experiment with a new medium and found Alcohol Inks. I use to paint as a hobby and keep changing mediums. With Alcohol Inks, my life has changed and I got hooked onto this medium. This brought patience in my life. I enjoyed “no expectations”.  I started to paint with absolutely nothing in my mind and the outcome mesmerised me. I love to meet new people, explore new places and stay enclosed in nature and art has become a way to display emotions and experiences I come across.

B. What media you have been using so far?

I have been using Alcohol Inks and combining it with various other materials like metal, mdf, wood, resin, etc.


C. What media you are planning to explore in the future?

I want to extend the use of same medium into Interactive Art Installations. Also there is a new installation that I am working on, it’s an amalgamation of Alcohol inks and cement and will be a depiction of oceans.

D. What kind of uniqueness you spotlight using art?

This medium in itself is very unique because of the fluidity and process of moulding inks using a hair dryer.

Thanks Giving

The E Today is thankful to Saloni Goyal for her valuable time and even to Mr. Hiral Shah, The Chief Editor; who has set up an one-of-its-kind global platform The Indian Gallery for promoting art along with Anjali Kaur Arora, who is well known for her talk show ‘The Anjali Arora Talk Show’

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