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Sangeeta Patel : Living for a cause.

The term “Service to mankind is service to God” means that selfless service for the cause of humanity is as similar as worshiping God. In a competitive world ready to tussle with each other for anything and everything we hardly find selfless contributors.

‘Talk of the Town’ today is glad to introduce such a selfless personality Sangeeta Patel who has been working towards the betterment of mankind for the past 24 years. She is the founder trustee of Kalasurya Foundation, a NGO based out of Ahmedabad and operating at PAN India with the support of 2000 volunteers.

About the Founder Sangeeta Patel

The 42 year old is well qualified with accreditation across various streams of learning. Graduated in commerce she later pursued her MA in Bharatnatyam. She has also acquired Diploma in fashion designing, Diploma in Computer science, Naturotherapist and Diploma in astangyoga. Professionally she is fitness trainer with her life devoted for social work. She is delivering her services to Brahmakumari’s ‘peace of mind’ channel as Motivational speaker and Host.

About Kalasurya Foundation

It was registered in the year 2018 by its founder trustee Sangeeta Patel. Though registered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it has initiated activities across India. ‘No more Old Age Homes’ is the core vision of Kalasurya Foundation. According to the founder we don't need old age homes but we need community centers where any community can take shelter, be it an orphan, a senior citizen, a widow or anyone who needs support. With these kind of shelter homes we can create real sense of family because in a family all members are of different age, thinking, choice etc, that's how we all are enjoying every perspective of life and aging.

Initiatives by Kalasurya Foundation

Though the NGO has been involved in many social cause we are listing below the most heart touching initiatives.

VADILONA VAHALSOYA is a pursuit of engaging the younger generation with the elders of the society. Under this initiative they are organizing cultural & motivational events to reduce the generation gap from society. The youth and the old come together and enjoy gathering events such as picnics, festivals and much more.

ZINDAGI is a day care activity home for senior citizens, widows, orphans or any such similar life in need, under one roof. They provide them residential facilities along with education and skill training to become independent.

DHADATI SANJ NO SATHAVARO a matrimonial initiative for the senior citizens. Surprisingly this activity has flooded them with calls regarding senior bride and groom matches.

DIKARI NE AAPO PANKH (give wings to daughter) is an initiative for upliftment of women. There are two activities under this initiative; first is

SANGEE THE LIGHT under which women across India are educated to use menstrual cup and save the earth from sanitary pads waste wich take 500 to 700 years to decompose.

DEVMAI is the second activity under this where over 500+ students have already been trained in Bharatnatyam. The students here are also trained for spiritual values making them emotionally strong.

AAJNI NARI is an initiative aimed at creating awareness about health, food, fitness and emotions for all women.

Their efforts and service had a huge payoff when they were awarded the Vajr World Record for their initiative DIKARI NE AAPO PANKH IN 2018, by the Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The Talk of the Town is thankful to Miss Sangeeta Patel .for speaking to us and sharing her views on promoting the human welfare. We are also thankful to Mr. Hiral Shah for articulating and drafting his conversation with Miss Sangeeta Patel.

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