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Shonee Kapoor - Leading the battle against injustice.

Law & order is for one and all, to fight against injustice and to safeguard our rights. Ironically the same is misused to content greed or any unethical purpose for that matter. Fighting against any untrue allegations is challenging and even traumatic for the victims. Today in ‘Talk Of The Town,’ we have Shonee Kapoor, an Evangelist who helps lawyers and their clients to establish a compelling case for themselves against any injustice.

After being embroiled in a fake lawsuit brought against him by his ex-wife, he became even more certain that he would not submit. He studied law, fought his case, and dragged his then-father-in-law and ex-wife to their knees by filing a forgery lawsuit against them. It wasn't easy, but it helped him evolve, polish his skills, and bring out the best in him. Throughout his long legal struggle, he began to empathise with many others like him and realised that he needed to stand up for a greater cause. So, here he is partnering with Sahodar Trust and helping hundreds of men every day to fight tooth and nail against false cases and raising awareness around the same.

Shonee Kapoor recently produced a documentary movie by name India’s Sons that bespoke about the true incidents of false rape charges against men in India.

In the last 14 years, Shonee has been able to help countless men and their families and he assures that it doesn’t end here. Those men are further extending the help to those in need. “We also have to understand that it’s not just men who go through this, their families are equally involved which also include women, whether it’s their mothers, sisters or sisters in law. As I said earlier, and I would reiterate, our aim is to persuade legal authorities into building a just legal system for all genders and to counsel separated couples & parents frequently so that they can co-parent healthily in the best interest of their children,” said Shonee.

With the aftermath of incidents in his life, Shonee came out to support men in stress at large, when we asked him, “what next does Shonee Kapoor plan to ensure that such incidents are minimised?” He replied, “Awareness is key. The idea is to stir more conversations around the harassment that men endure when they are falsely accused of a crime. There’s very little help & understanding available to men who are going through such cases. So, we intend to create a repository of cases and laws that these men can refer to. Another big goal is to reach out to key stakeholders and persuade them to bring changes in the legal system which we are doing through our films, blogs and lawsuits.”

About Sahodar and it’s role towards the betterment of the society.

Sahodar Trust is an organisation for men run by men & women together that aims at helping the ones who are going through this menace. Counselling, free legal aid, and fostering a sense of community are all forms of assistance they provide. You see when men are going through an ugly legal battle where they haven’t done anything wrong, it takes a toll on them financially as well as emotionally. Not everyone gets the kind of support they want from their family. Most of the time, even families feel stuck & dejected. So a strong support system is a must and as the name suggests, Sahodar means sibling. They are that to the perturbed men. They are not here to condemn the institution of marriage or run an anti-women movement, our aim is to work towards building a society that runs on equality and where kids are nurtured with love, positivity and togetherness. Also, Sahodar is also partnering with a premiere cancer institute in a limited capacity for subsidizing treatment of poor men suffering from Testicular, Prostate and Penile Cancer. Though the vision is to get more funds for research of these diseases.

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