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Shubhangi Gade

Shubhangi is inspired by her dreams to put her creativity on canvas and express her vision with brush and colours.

She seems very much fascinated by Tibetan language and script as she truely admires Buddha & his spiritual teachings.

She believes in peaceful awakening of herself will only begin the true meaning of existence.

“Love to express my passion and the spiritual energy with the mantra and explore different mediums.. I work with any kind of inks, charcoal or acrylic on any surface. The very exclusive is my 3D Calligraphy painting which is digitally created with 172 layers with my Painting,” quotes Shubhangi.

Shubhangi keeps exploring with calligraphy in Devnagri, English and Tibeatan languages. She has participated in National and International exhibitions in the last 3 years with her work exhibited In Calligraphies in Canversations, California & Jikiji World Calligraphy Biennale from South Korea & this year 2022 She got an excellence Award for the same.


Unveiling our rendezvous with Shubhangi Gade

A. How many years you have been in the field of art and why?

I have been in the field of art since last 20 years as I feel art is the divine medium to connect with spirituality.


B. What media you have been using so far?

I have been using Acrylic, 3d painting, Abstract and Tibetan art on various mediums.. I like to explore new mediums in Digital technology

C. What media you are planning to explore in the future?

I am planning to explore 3d embossed metal media in the future with my abstract & Calligraphy. I want to create the biggest spiritual mandala in the world 

D. What kind of uniqueness you spotlight using your art?

My uniqueness is Tibetan calligraphic paintings, spiritual paintings & Calligraphy in different mediums with spiritual touch.

Thanks Giving

The E Today is thankful to Shubhangi Gade for her valuable time and even to Mr. Hiral Shah, The Chief Editor; who has jalso set up an one-of-its-kind global platform The Indian Gallery for promoting art along with Anjali Kaur Arora who is well known for her talk show ‘The Anjali Arora Talk Show’

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