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Sudha Barshikar

Sudha Barshikar is an artist and an art teacher for many years her work has been exhibited in 25 solo and group exhibitions across the world. Her works have found a place and recognition at Cidco Ltd, Camlin Ltd, Hindusthan Unilever and many such corporates.

Title : Ganesh | Medium : Mix Media | Size : 24 x 12 inches

She loves working with various mediums most recent being paintings on silk. Her experience is working largely with oil, acrylic, and water color.ceramic.

Title : Gold Sky | Médium : Acrylic On Canvas | Size : 12 x 16 inches

She can turn regular objects like bottles, coasters, silk scarves into beautiful display pieces. Since 35 years she has been teaching art and during lockdown she started on line classes on zoom. At Mumbai’s dignity chay masti center she has taken 15 art workshops.

The year 2017 was a dream come true for her she successfully accomplished Painting 1000 Diyas at Jogeshari Day care center.

Unveiling our rendezvous with Sudha Barshikar

A. How many years you have been in the field of art and why?

My journey of art started from my childhood. I love to play with colors. Last 35 to 40 years i am doing experiment in various medium.

B. What media you have been using so far?

I love to work in watercolor, acrylic, oil colors, mix medium and like to do experiment all the time.

C. What media you are planning to explore in future?

All medium explore and now I am doing silk painting with special silk colors on natural silk cloth.

D. What kind of uniqueness you spotlight using art?

I am a self taught artist and love to experiment and make unique artwork.

Thanks Giving

The E Today is thankful to Sudha Barshikar for her valuable time and even to Mr. Hiral Shah, The Chief Editor; who has set up an one-of-its-kind global platform The Indian Gallery for promoting art along with Anjali Kaur Arora, who is well known x for her talk show ‘The Anjali Arora Talk Show’

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