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The Association of System Integrators & Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) conducted its 102nd TECHDAY

Aug 08, 2022 05:34 pm

The host for the event was the gregarious Nancy Shah, a leading EMCEE, Body Language expert and Presenter. Her presence and partner-involvement kept the tempo in the room very high. The first speaker was Sanjay Ruparel – President, ASIRT and he spent good amount of time on briefing everyone about the ASIRT Board’s Vision for 2025 and the ASIRT Consortiums: why they have been very successful in building collaboration and ensuring that partners don’t lose customer opportunities. This TECHDAY was dedicated to the consortiums and the good work they are doing among their members to ensure mutual business growth.

Nancy brought the audience to their feet by asking for volunteers to play a game in the newly introduced Learning Slot of ASIRT TECHDAY. The intention of the game was to further strengthen the idea of collaboration and working as a team, successfully. The key takeaways were nicely summarized by her with detailed analysis of each team that participated.

This team-building activity was followed up with a very important Panel Discussion of Partners, that was moderated by Chetan Shah. The topic for the panel discussion was “How smaller System Integrators are successfully overcoming day-to-day challenges including competition from larger System Integrators. One member each was chosen from every Consortium as the Panellist so that there was equal representation of every consortium within ASIRT. The panellists were Yogesh Mhatre (Team Achievers), Ashish Manek (Team Conquerors), Ajay Oza(Team Techminds), Ajay Dand (Team Delta Force), Ajay Patil (Team Phoenix) and Rohit Chabria (Team Sixth Sense).

With the backdrop of the Pandemic changing the way every Small Business functioned, Chetan kickstarted the discussion to understand the perspectives of all the panellists. Some key points that were discussed during the panel discussion were:

• The partners who have spent decades doing business a certain way need to change their mindset of know-it-all

• Partners need to evolve with the adoption of Digital technologies

• Partners need to themselves adopt newer technologoes that they push to customers, for their own organizations

• Skill oneself on Cloud technologies and position these to relevant use-cases at the customer end

• Change though, may not be 100% relevant to certain businesses

• Clearly identify the areas which will give Recurring business, Virtual business possiblities (remote) without physically being there and business that Physical presence onsite like services.

• Identify verticals which are investing heavily in getting customers. Eg: Insurance - where customers will now aggressively try to cover the vasty India population that is not covered by any Insurance.

• Collaborate amongst each other to arrive at newer and unique service models so that all use-cases can be addressed

The session was beautifully summarised by Chetan in one sentence: “TRY TO KEEP THE CUSTOMER WITHIN THIS ROOM!”

This was followed by a session by our Member Sponsor, Proteus Technologies Pvt Ltd. The session was about their Vision - Cloud ERP that has been developed in-house and has been widely accepted by customers across verticals. Nilay Sharma – Director, presented the quick facts about their ERP, their modus operandi, the experience that has gone into building a strong ERP made out of string business use-case knowledge. He presented specific incentive and price plans for ASIRT Partners who could refer customers to them.

What followed was one of the most interesting activities to have happened during TECHDAY. All the consortium Captains were asked to gather their team members and discuss amongst themselves about the plans for the next 2 months for collaboration, interaction and team-building. Each captain then shared their vision for increasing collaboration amongst their consortium colleagues. Every consortium promised to have their planned Consortium meet-ups scheduled immediately. A variety of creative ideas came up for increasing collaboration and participation in activities: some members were planning offsite picnics, dinner meet-ups, meet-up at a different colleague’s office every month etc.

ASIRT added many new members between TECHDAY 101 and 102. A few of them were introduced to the audience. With great applause, Miloni Mehta from HT Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Dinesh Nimkar from Compusoft and Ashish Shah from Bios Technologieswere introduced to the audience.

The last session of the TECHDAY was dedicated to the ASIRT Evolve Speaker. Evolve Sessions are another first for any IT association, where speakers are invited to speak on varied topics like Communication, Health & Wellness, Finance, Human Resources etc to exchange perspectives between the Subject Matter Expert and the ASIRT members. The Evolve speaker invited for TECHDAY #102 was Praveen Mehta – who drove 74,000 Kms across 60 countries in 330 days at a stretch. He was here to share his experiences of his travel across the world and how HOPE and RESILIENCE still exist and will eventually help all businessmen to sustain their business positively. His anecdotal references to every major experience and drawing life’s lessons out of them were much appreciated by the audience. The Q&A session that followed was one of the most interactive sessions of TECHDAY in the recent past.

The TECHDAY officially concluded after these interesting sessions and perspectives. The host Nancy Shah thanked everyone for attending and asked everyone to eagerly await the next TECHDAY announcement. Everyone was pumped up to attend the next TECHDAY because of the additions of interesting elements like Learning Slot and Consortium Slot. The sessions were followed by Networking Dinner to closure.

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