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Half the Indian rural population is underweight with up to three- quarters being classified in deprived communities. A very large proportion of rural Indian households have inadequate food supplies. Chronic deficiency is due to chronic food deficiency.

And then there are people who genuinely struggle to increase their weight, so for people looking out to increase their weight here are some tips and ways how you can do it easily and with few changes

Adults with BMI < 18.5 have reduced VO2 max, reduced capacity for sustained heavy work and a lower productivity. Underweight pregnant women have an increased risk of getting an underweight baby. Progressively greater portions of time are spent off work or in bed ill when BMI levels are below 17 in men and women. There is a progressive curvilinear increase in mortality in a group of men with BMI ranging from 18.5 to below 16.0.

Immunological deficits are seen particularly in men with low BMIs and concomitant micronutrient deficiencies are present. Undernourished children have lower heights and weights. The age of menarche is delayed in undernourished girls by about 1-2 years.

Starvation occurs either due to famine conditions or an inadequate diet in proteins or an attempt at reducing weight. During starvation fatty tissue is lost and the skeletal, heart muscles and small intestine are atrophied by its absorptive function. This results in low blood pressure, marked emaciation, loss of hair and inelastic skin. Since the feeding program should be gradual initially glucose water, fruit juice and skimmed milk powder may be given.

Underweight also results from debilitating diseases like tuberculosis diabetes Malabsorption syndrome or cancer. Infections are common among them. In these cases tonics are not useful as they only help to improve the appetite but they do not increase weight it is wise and necessary to spend money on nourishing high calorie food.

Psychological factors may contribute to eating very little some some mental patients reject food leading to severe weight loss anorexia nervosa is seen in goals between the age of 15 and 25 years usually arises from a desire to lose weight if untreated this condition may prove fatal due to progressive starvation electrolytes are lost in vomiting at the site of food or during eating. Transient stoppage of menstruation maker which becomes normal with dietary treatment in such cases patients must be admitted to hospital and should be given specific directions to have high calorie intake of bread wheat and milk products.

Underweight occurs in people who are active tense novels and who never take rest when it reaches in CBSE logical efficiency as a whole is reduce and the power for concentration decision making and with standing calamity is a very poor working efficiency is poor and the productivity is less he cannot work continuously for a long period.

It occurs in pathological conditions such as fevers, gastrointestinal disturbances where the digestion and absorption capacities a decreased in hyperthyroidism.

Underwear person has to be on a positive energy balance and calorie intake should be more than the energy expended.

Energy dense food holds the key to weight gain.

Underweight person should have regular meals. He should make meals a priority and take the time to plan, prepare and eat each meal.

They should eat at least three major days and snacks in between.

Underweight person should learn to eat more food at each meal. Serving size can be increased for example drinking milk from a larger glass.

Dietary supplements can be given.

Food should be appetizing that can be varied and new foods and recipes can be tried.

Eating can be made in different locations and with friends and family members.

A walk before taking meals can make an individual more hungry.

Regular outdoor exercise helps to stimulate appetite exercise with high kilocalorie intake. Ensure that lean body mass is built up and not just fat. Emotional well being is essential to have a good appetite. Constipation may reduce the appetite so the bowel moment should be regulated with adequate fluids, exercise and fruits. Synthetic drinks, soft drinks, alcohol aerated drinks, too much tea and coffee reduce appetite and should be avoided .

Anti obesity day is on 26 November

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Shrushti Mehta.

We thank her for her research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about health and nutrition being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens.

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