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The power of chanting and the significance of rosary

In the year 1997, Albert Shamon authored a book called "The Power of Rosary". In the book, he enumerates the many benefits of the rosary. While turning the rosary there is a fine friction that is created between the thumb and finger which generates a subtle electrical energy that through the channels of the arteries has a positive effect on the heart and consequently stabilizes the mind.

The middle finger has a direct bearing on the heart, so it is prudent to employ the middle finger while turning the beads. According to acupressure, there are very important points connected to the brain, pituitary and pineal gland etc. on the tip of thumb. As the beads are turned, they create a gentle pressure on the point, which in turn gets stimulated, resulting in an auto acupressure treatment that relaxes the body and calms the mind.

According to an article in the Journal of Religion and Health, turning the rosary regularly can relieve stress, anxiety, and grief. Whenever people meet Mahant Swami Maharaj and ask for a remedy for peace, Swamiji advises them to turn the rosary for five or eleven times in a day.

Throughout the world, there are many types of rosaries. Like Sandalwood, Tulsi, Vaijayanti, Rudraksha, Turmeric, Crystal, Pearl, Kamal Gatta, Putrajeev, Rajat, Kushamul, Lalsukhad, Sesam, Conch, Coral, Navaratna etc. Of all these the rosary blessed by the Transcendent Guru is the best. It is most beneficial to recite the mantra given by the Guru even while turning the beads. When Pramukh Swami Maharaj met the American President Bill Clinton, he gifted him a rosary.

According to the scriptures we should choose the rosary according to the thing we want. Accordingly, if one fosters a desire for wealth, mantra for Lakshmi Devi should be chanted with rosary having either lotus, Vaijanti, crystal and coral beads. If one desires knowledge and enlightenment, then one should chant Saraswati mantras with crystal beads or Rudraksha beads. Mantras for Shiva should be chanted with a rosary having rudraksha beads to get the desired boon. In order to get a loving wife, one should chant Shiva mantras with a rosary having crystal beads. One should chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra with a rosary having Rudraksha beads for peace and harmony in the home. Chanting bagla mukhi mantra with a rosary having turmeric beads helps to vanquish one's enemies. Wearing a Rudraksha rosary around the neck keeps heart disease and blood pressure under control. One should chant mantras for Hanumanji with rosaries made of coral beads. In short, chanting the name of God that one believes in accordance with the specific rosary helps one obtain the desired fruit. In the next article, we shall learn the kind of experience one gains, when one chants the mantra alongwith turning the rosary simultaneously.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Sadhu Amrutvadandas. We thank swamiji for his research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens.

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