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The short and sweet journey of life.

Jay Adinath,

Jay Gurudev.

โœ๐Ÿป Forever your companion.


Life's journey may be short, but if you navigate it well, you'll understand that this journey is meant to lead you to liberation. To comprehend that every situation, whether good or bad, in your life is a part of your journey is crucial. It's essential to realize that in this world, our time is limited. Amidst failures, jealousy, anger, grudges, misbehavior, heartbreak, betrayals, and various other inappropriate experiences that occur in life, understanding which moments lead to boundless joy is imperative.

In situations where you've pondered over numerous negative thoughts, it's only when you consider them peacefully that you'll realize, sometimes, even in the worst circumstances, you can find unbounded joy. Remember, in a certain place, everyone sat in the same position on the bus stand, observing the path of the bus. When the bus arrived, all passengers boarded, including an elderly lady. She took her seat, and eventually, a young girl also sat beside her. After a while, the young lady started pushing the old lady, and despite that, the elderly lady remained peaceful. When the young lady continued her attempts to annoy, the elderly lady finally asked, 'Where are you heading, my dear?' The young lady replied, 'Your journey and mine, where until?' The elderly lady responded, 'Because "your journey is short." When the next station comes, I will disembark, and you will continue ahead. And then, young lady, after a little while, when you face difficulties or behave poorly without any reason, remember this: How should you respond? How can you find tranquility? How can you remain happy? This elderly lady is sitting so peacefully.'

Even in the midst of chaos, this elderly lady remained composed. Even when things went awry, she didn't react. So, what's the reason that when someone connects with you, they transform you? How much tranquility should one maintain? How happy should one be? This elderly lady doesn't react even when the young lady acts in a certain way. When the young lady tries to annoy her or speak ill, the elderly lady maintains her composure. When the young lady doesn't manage to evoke a reaction, she eventually leaves the elderly lady alone. But why? When the young lady finds it impossible to annoy the elderly lady, then with whom is she trying to evoke a reaction? Reflect on this for a moment. Maybe at times, any person who associates with you might respond to your situation or words with indifference. They might not be affected by whatever you do or say.

Therefore, it's crucial to maintain your smile until liberation. It's essential to maintain your smile until the anguished person finds peace. It's essential to maintain your smile until every friend finds peace. It's essential to maintain your smile until every person finds peace...!"

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Pujya Gurudev Shree Mokshsundar Saheb. We thank Gurudev for his blessings, research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens. Also, we would like to thank Hiral Shah, the Chief Editor of The E Today for bringing in such wonderful personalities who can guide us on every path of life

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