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The success mantra that began with worshiping the supreme power.

Successful people keep progressing in life by looking upto certain individuals as their role models. Some people achieve their goals by following a specific principle, while some people succeed by keeping a particular success mantra in mind.

Currently, the name of Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla car and space-x is at the forefront among the most successful people in the world. He considers Kanye West, Sergey Korolev and Richard Feynman as his role models. Tennis star Rafael Nadal's success mantra is 'Work hard, work with people', while Ratan Tata follows the principle that 'Every individual can make a difference in this world'. In this way, people who have kept their focus on an idol have been successful. Be it a person or a principle or a mantra.

Pramukh Swami Maharaj was a very accomplished saint. His way of management, way of working, way of getting things done, and way of making any plan a complete success was truly unique. Such was his style of working, that it could be the cause of envy for even the most successful of people in the world. That was the level of his success. NDDB Chairman, Padmashri awardee, Father of the white revolution of India and winner of Raman Magsaysay Community Leadership award, Dr. Varghese Kurian did a lot of work not only for the state of Gujarat but also for the entire country of India. He accomplished many achievements in his life. He was recognised globally. He, himself was looked up as a role model by many people. Dr. Kurian, a person who can easily be considered to be adept in management of the highest order, was deeply impressed by Swamiji and he possessed heartfelt admiration for him. When he perceived Swamiji's work, he couldn't help, but say with immense respect that: 'looking at Swamiji’s achievements my achievements dont seem like anything.'

What was the secret behind Swamiji's unparalleled miraculous achievements? His secret was that he never for a moment forgot God. He always worshipped God and always kept God in the forefront. Be it the Akshardham project under construction at Delhi or at Robbinsville New Jersey, the world-class relief work done during the Bhuj earthquake, or the successful relief work at the Narmada Dam, he would always initiate any activity by praying to the Supreme Lord Bhagwan Swaminarayan and then engage in all the tasks as His humble servant and would also inspire other devotees to do the same.

One evening in Atlanta, USA in the year 1988, Swamiji was in a hurry to attend a Satsang sabha {a spiritual gathering} in the mandir. At the same time, a devotee arrived to meet him. He had plans to build a motel. In order to sanctify his land, he had brought some soil from the land in a piece of cloth. He spread the cloth on the ground in front of Swamiji and requested Swamiji to sanctify it by placing his feet on the soil. Immediately Swamiji asked Brahmatirtha Swami to bring the idol of Thakorji. Swamiji placed the idol in his hands and quickly sat on the floor without waiting for anyone and without taking any kind of support.Then he placed Thakorji on the soil and sanctified it. He also showered flower petals on the sand and offered prayers. He blessed the devotee for the success of the project. The devotee was overjoyed. Thus, whenever Swamiji would sanctify any place or land, he would always worship Thakorji first by offering his prayers. Swamiji commenced the construction of more than 1100 temples by sanctifying the land and soil first by offering his prayer to God. He used to dedicate the completion of the entire temple to the Lord. He always connected everyone to God. For him, worship of God marked the auspicious beginning of any work and was significant of the Lord's benign blessings.

In January 2007, Swamiji was at Gondal temple. After circumambulating the temple, Swamiji came to the office of the kothari [Admin head of the mandir] and from there proceeded to the newly constructed lift. The saints in the temple informed him that since it is new, he should sanctify it. Swamiji told them that they should offer it first to God. Swamiji asked where is Thakorji Harikrishna Maharaj. The devotees understood his meaning and argued, ’Swamiji! Many have used it before you arrived.' Swamiji remained firm and insisted: ‘It's ok but now bring Harikrishna Maharaj.' So the saints replied, 'Harikrishna Maharaj has gone to have his meal.' 'When did He go?' asked Swamiji. 'Just now' answered the saints. Swamiji said, 'Never mind. Go..bring Him here right away.' The saints went to bring Thakorji. Swamiji stood calmly poised in the lift. The thal (the Lord's meal) had not yet started, so the saints came with Harikrishna Maharaj. As Thakorji came, Swamiji sanctified the lift by performing Thakorji's poojan and only after that got the lift underway and began using it. It is difficult to fathom Swamiji's amazing quality of working and succeeding by keeping God at the forefront.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Sadhu Amrutvadandas. We thank swamiji for his research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens.

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