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The ultimate creation

Charlie Puth is a young and impressively talented singer, songwriter, & musician. He once said that 'Anything in this world can be made into music'. Many may disagree with this statement, it might even seem like an exaggeration. But recently he proved true to his words. In 2022, he appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show on American TV. During the conversation, he produced a sound on the mic by ringing a spoon on an ordinary coffee mug in the presence of the show host Jimmy Fallon. He then used that sound as a beat backdrop to create poignant music during the live show using a computer and an Akai lkp 25 midi keyboard. He made the music clip in less than just 30 seconds. The live audience in the program were spellbound and accorded him a huge applause, as the whole world swooned over his unparalleled grasp of music. Only a connoisseur of music can truly appreciate this, as for the rest, each piece of music is as good as the next. It takes years of practice and ingenuity to transform a simple sound into music.

One can derive a similar analogy for the genesis of the entire Creation. To bring about its existence within a moment is not a phenomenon that is commonplace or something ordinary. Over the years, thousands of scientists and thinkers around the globe who can be considered intelligent have been intrigued by the beginning of creation. Many of them like Stephen Hawking, George Ellis, Alan Guth, Andre Linde, Max Trademark, Vera Roubini etc. have presented their ideas and research. Some have attempted to explain this mystery by way of the Big Bang theory, or black holes, or by way of dark matter, dark energy, the inflammatory universal theory, the rotation of the Milky Way, etc. Various religions have also tried to explain the creation of the world in their own way.

Regarding creation, the Bhagavata Purana declares – ekohambhusyami, i.e. as a result of God's will to become multitude, God himself by way of his Maya accepts time, karma and nature as his own form. Then from time, the three qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas are mobilized, while nature changes their attributes. Then karma gives rise to the essence of qualities, which gradually transform into ego, sky, air, fire, water, earth, mind, senses and sattva. When all these come together, the Vyashti - Samashti Rupa Pinda and the Universe are created. This egg-like universe remained like that for a thousand years. Then the Lord revealed from within him a Virat purush bearing a thousand faces and limbs. Brahmins were born from the mouth of that Virat purush, Kshatriyas from his arms, Vaishyas from his thighs and Shudras from his feet. Water emerged from Nara, who was born out of the form of Virat purush, hence it was called Naar. There is a classical belief that it is this Naar, who eventually came to be known as Narayan. A total of ten types of creations are described. Mahatattva, Ahankara, Tanmatra, Indriyas, Mana, Adhisthana 'mind' or the senses and Avidya - these are the six Prakrutik creations. Apart from these there are four other creations, the immovable plant kingdom, the animal kingdom including birds, human beings and gods.

In the holy book Vachnamrut, Bhagwan Swaminarayan, while answering Nrisimhananda Swami's question regarding the mystery of the genesis of the entire creation says that in the prose of Vedastuti it is mentioned:

'Svakritavichitrayonishu vinniva htutaya tawamatshkasyanalvasvakritanukriti:' (Bhagavata 10/87/19) which means, 'Purushottama Bhagavan Himself, having created the different kinds of small wombs enters and illumines them in accordance with their merits. When the Supreme transcendental Lord, at the time of creation looks at Akshar, then Purush is birthed from that Akshar. Then, Lord Purushottam enters Purush by way of entering through Akshar and then from within the form of Purush inspires Prakriti. In this way Lord Purushottam activates the entire Creation while progressively entering it's varied forms. Thus, from Prakritipurush is born Pradhanpurush and from that Pradhanpurush, mahattattva is birthed and from mahattattva, the three types of ego come into being, and from ego are born time, the senses and sense objects, Consciousness and deities and from these, the Viratpurush comes into being and from his navel, brahma is born and from brahma comes marychyadik prajapati. And from Prajapati comes Kashyap Prajapati from Kashyap Prajapati, all the celestial gods including Indra and other Demi gods and all immovable and movable entities of the entire Creation are brought into existence. Thus, within every entity of the Universe resides the Supreme Lord causally.

Gunatitananda Swami's talks, which have been recorded in the book Swami ni Vaato has very elucidately explained the genesis of Creation in chapter 7, verse 15, saying that...the transcendental and ever manifest Lord Purushottam, while being served by the Akshar muktas resides with them in His holy abode, Akshardham. Lord Purushottam looks at Akshar at the time of Creation, and simultaneously Akshar looks at the infinitude of AksharMuktas, from whom arises Purush. Then, Purush in turn looks at Maya, birthing infinite Pradhana-Purush from Maya. That Aksharpurusha enters it in many forms, and protects the universe in many forms...' Thus God creates the entire creation effortlessly from one unblinking sight. Just as Charlie Puth makes a melody out of an ordinary sound, God creates these marvelous universes and the animate and inanimate creations in them through Akshara Brahman in a blink of a moment....if understood properly. Thus, if music is comprehensible then so is Creation comprehensible as well.

Thanks Giving

This article is written and submitted to The E Today by Sadhu Amrutvadandas. We thank swamiji for his research and analysis and hope to see the awareness about life and peace being spread ahead to larger mass of our citizens.

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