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Report A Story

We are currently accepting success stories of eminent personalities, celebrities, or anyone with immense contribution towards the society. They are reported under our columns 'The Corner Of Influence' (business page) or under 'The Talk Of The Town' (city news page) 

To report any success story kindly script the same in the below format and mail it to We would request you to share your hand phone number (mobile number) without which it may not be possible for us to publish anything. Kindly write the entire script in english only.

Format for reporting a story via email

Subject Line : Success Story - 

About whom you want us to write?

Name of the person. Please do not mention any organisation or business name.

Details of person and organisation.

Details about the contribution of the person towards the society. Kindly mention details about the organisation the person is associated with for instance if, you are reporting an immense contribution towards environment by Mr X., who is the founder of an NGO then kingly mention complete details about his contribution along with the name of his NGO. Please mention proper references where we can verify the credibility of the said. 

Your complete name and number.

Name and contact number of the person who intends to report the success story. 

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