YOUR DAY by Gurleen Chandhok

Gurleen Chandhok is a Healer based at Delhi, practicing various healing modalities from last 3yrs . She is an Astrologer, Numerologist , Tarot Reader, Akashic Records Reader, Angelic Healer, Grand Master Reiki Healer. She is a master in many Reiki modalities. She also conducts courses and workshops for same at nominal fees so all can learn and heal themselves and their family.

Horoscope for Nov 28, 2022


Aries (Ram) Mar 21 - Apr 19

Don’t loose hope. Spend your day in spirituality, avoid conflicts and confusions. Not a favourable day for few.


Gemini (Twins) May 21 - Jun 21

Few might feel low on energy. You need to keep your spirits high as nothing is permanent. This low phase will also pass.


Leo (Lion) Jul 23 - Aug 22

Some may feel low as the support you are expecting is not up to the mark. Avoid taking important decisions.


Libra (Balance) Sep 23 - Oct 23

Avoid being in situations which can involve you in arguments or fights.


Sagittarius (Archer) Nov 22 - Dec 21

With lot of clarity in mind you will be starting your day but this reality can be harsh for some to accept. Keep yourself motivated and have faith on Divine.


Aquarius (Water Bearer) Jan 20 - Feb 18

There can be monetary losses for some. Take care of your expenses.


Taurus (Bull) Apr 20 - May 20

Take care of your health. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Keep your spirits high.


Cancer (Crab) Jun 22 - Jul 22

Go slow, some may see that their efforts are going wasted. Keep patience.


Virgo (Virgin) Aug 23 - Sep 22

After lot of struggles, some may feel a sense of stability in their related aspects.


Scorpio (Scorpion) Oct 24 - Nov 21

need to set your priorities to achieve your goals. Stay focused.


Capricorn (Goat) Dec 22 - Jan 19

A fruitful day ahead. Situations are coming back to normal for some. Those who were heart broken, will be able to overcome it.


Pisces (Fish) Feb 19 - Mar 20

With clarity of thoughts day will start. Your focus and determination, you will be able to earn good monetary gains today.


The Angel's Speak

Your guardian Angels want you to know how much they love you right now. Your Angel’s love is completely unconditional. You are not alone. You can ask them for help anytime, they are there to support you.